5/16" Gas Tubing 55 PSI

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Clear food grade vinyl tubing with a 55 PSI rating, ideal for gas tubing in draft beer systems. Suitable for attaching to regulators with 5/16" barbed outlets (virtually all commercial kegerators designed for commercial beer have 5/16" gas hose). This tubing is 5/16" in inner diameter, and 9/16" in outer diameter.

Note: All William's Beverage Systems and regulators come with 1/4" gas lines, not this larger 5/16" inner diameter size. This tubing is sold for those with commercial beer kegerator systems.

Sold per foot, buy as many feet as you need.

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Which size for GAS???

Review by Browneye on 2/20/2019

So apparently some gas nipples are 1/4 and some are 5/16. It makes connecting lines more complicated. Get this stuff if you have 5/16" inch nipples. For 1/4" nipples the 3/16" beer-line will work. I have both. This stuff stays pliable at near-freezing temps, so easy to work with in your kegerator.

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