Brewer's Edge® Dual Stage Micro Regulator

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The Brewer's Edge Dual Stage Micro Regulator is the first affordable cartridge regulator to feature two chambers instead of one - first, a high pressure chamber for the C02 feed, which feeds through a regulated piston to a lower pressure chamber with a diaphgram regulator on the dispense end. This allows the dispense end of the regulator to be more precise and accurate, as it is not trying to throttle C02 down from 600 PSI to 10 PSI. It also maintains accuracy throughout the life of the C02 cartridge, even as pressure drops in the cartridge when it nears empty, and does not need to be readjusted periodically to maintain a set pressure.

This 0-23 PSI C02 regulator comes with a ball lock gas fitting to fit kegs and mini kegs, and fits 16 gram threaded C02 cartridges out of the box. A 74 gram C02 cartridge adapter is included, and you can also purchase an optional SodastreamĀ® C02 cylinder adapter (our item R44), although you may also need an additional ball lock fitting (our item I51) to make this fully functional. The pressure range of 0-23 is wide enough to allow both for fine dispensing control and carbonating. 

NOTE: This regulator does not include a pictured cartridge, these are sold separately. For C02 only, this regulator will not work with nitrogen or argon gas.

Fits all ball lock kegs, including Mini Kegs with a ball lock lid.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

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Quality regulator

Review by STEVE on 2/6/2021

This is my second brewer's edge regulator and it is well built and very solid. I've had my other micro edge regulator for a few years now and it's served me well, wanted one with a gauge so I bought this one. The dial does not had markings on top for increase/decrease but not a big deal.

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Feb 04, 2021 by Joe

Q: Is a 16g cartridge enough to push out a full 2.5 gallon keg?

A: No, you will need 2-3 cartridges to push out a full 2.5 gallon keg. This depends on how carbonated the beer is in the first place, and serving temperature, so your mileage may vary.

Feb 03, 2021 by Julian

Q: Have you tested this to see how long a 16g cartilage will last? For example: 5-6 psi just for dispensing? I understand the results will be subjective. Just would like an idea as single stage are worthless.

A: Figure 2 -3 16 gram cartridges to empty a 2.5 gallon keg.

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