Mark III Twin Gas Regulator

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The Mark III Regulator by Keg King provides a reading of keg dispensing pressure, as well as an accurate indication of cylinder gas level. By turning the chrome center knob, you can adjust the dispensing pressure from 0 – 60 PSI.  The Mark III features gauges housed in rubber to protect them from dings, as well as a large 2½" diameter diaphram so it can both handle several kegs at once if needed, and the large diaphram also lets you have precise control over the dispensing pressure (which you adjust with the center knob). This model has two bodies, so you can have two different dispensing pressures out of one C02 Cylinder.

Threaded ¼” flare outlet fits our D03 Gas Connector (no need to adapt your ¼" gas tubing to fit the 5/16" wide hose barb found on other beer regulators).  Includes a safety relief valve, but does not have a check valve built into the bottom inlet. This regulator includes two nylon tank sealing washers, and will accept nylon or fiber tank sealing washers. 

The high pressure gauge threads are traditional right hand, as are the threads for the lower flare outlet fitting.11½" long, this regulator needs to be attached to a C02 tank that is firmly secured to prevent it from falling over for safety.

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CO2 regulator

Review by Stephen on 7/31/2019

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