Shank Flushing Adapter

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This screws on the end of a beer shank in place of a faucet and features a 3/8" hose barb, so you can attach a hose and flush your shank with cleaning solution. Included rubber sealing washer to seal the nipple to the nut. Attach standard 3/8" interior diameter gas or beer tubing (see right). Also known as a faucet cleaning adapter.

This can be converted to a ¼" hose barb by purchasing item Q90 Shank Nipple Nut (not included). 

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Great for cleaning beer lines

Review by Eric on 5/14/2020

I use 3/8 tubing and a submersible pump for cooling my wort with fresh water, so having this sized hose barb and a pump at hand makes cleaning my setup easy - just fill the bucket you submerge your pump in with sanitizer or cleaner depending on where you are at in your cleaning process and run it through into another container, or the same container to get a continuous flushing loop - super easy. I disassemble my tap and throw it into the same bucket to soak at the same time I do the flushing.

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