Sankey Beer Line Cleaning Kit

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Specially designed to clean beer lines screwed onto Sankey keg couplers. To use, unscrew the beer line off of the keg coupler, and screw this directly to the Tank coupler, where there is no need to remove the faucet.

The Hand Pump connects directly to the beer line with 1 Gallon ( 4 Litre ) of capacity of cleaning solution, pumps from the bottom to the top, allowing you to leave the cleaning solution in the line for 15 minutes (recommended, but you can leave that longer).

If you want to adapt this to clean ball lock kegging systems, simply buy our item P62 and screw it onto the included coupler, and then snap your beer ball lock line onto the completed assembly. Includes a faucet brush, faucet wrench, and a Faucet plug with brush for keeping your faucets clean between uses.

Needed beer line cleaning solution is not included, order BLC Line Cleaner separately or use your own formulation.

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Beer Chore Made Easy

Review by David Love on 3/3/2023

Hey gang, for years I've been cleaning my dual faucet kegerator's beer lines sending solution down from the the line to the cold box collecting solution in a small bucket. Feeding solution into a mini funnel took both hands to (a) hold the pitcher of solution and (b) holding the tube/funnel high enough for siphoning got tiresome. I didn't see a way to allow the solution to have sufficient time to do its magic other than repeating the process at least twice. Sankey's product works like a virtual "keg" that the solution flows from the cold box and exits the faucet. Turn the faucet "off" and the solution sits there the recommended 15 minutes and open the valve for fresh solution and repeat. You don't use your CO2, you pump the unit like a garden sprayer. Even my wife was impressed that the process was much less effort (the 15 minute time for some coffee with her works.) Then just rinse the container and flush with fresh H2O and reconnect the beer line to the keg. Yum!! Fresh beer

Apr 06, 2023 by Shawn

Q: Does this system connect directly to a Sankey D coupler once you remove it from the keg? I want to be able to flush from the coupler and out the faucets.

A: Yes

Feb 12, 2023 by Nathan

Q: What size is the hose? I don't have a need for Sankey (my whole setup is ball lock) so instead of getting the Sankey to ball lock converter, I want to get a ball lock that fits directly to the hose.

A: 3/16"

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