Nukatap Stainless Faucet With Stainless Shank

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Assembled with a stainless Nukatap shank, stainless 3/16" diameter hose nipple,  and Nukatap stainless forward-seal faucet head. This forward seal design prevents the faucet from becoming sticky and dry between uses, and is especially good for home brewers who do not draw beer every night.

Includes a 4” threaded stainless shank (7/8” diameter) and 2 threaded flanges, enabling mounting in any wall (usually a refrigerator door) with a thickness of up to 2 5/8”. Includes a barbed stainless nipple for our 3/16” or 1/4" beverage tubing. Pictured black plastic handle is included. Install in a 7/8” hole and attach to your beer hose for draft beer with a professional touch.

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