8 Liter Oxebar Keg (carton of 2)

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This 8L (2.1 gallon) keg is light weight, compact,and a great value.  It is made of  Oxebar Mono, a proprietary PET polymer blend which significantly improves gas barrier properties. When compared with standard PET plastic, Oxebar Mono is able to reduce oxygen ingress and C02 loss by a factor of 3, so beer can be stored for up to 6 months without losing carbonation or becoming oxidized.

Includes a sealing cap, although we recommend our optional L47 Oxebar Tapping Head which turns this into the most affordable ball lock keg ever. 6” wide, 21” tall.

Each keg is. 6.1" wide, 21" tall. Maximum pressure 58 PSI. Pressure cap and handle are included.

Carton of 2

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Good enough

Review by jimmycash245 on 11/28/2022

First clean with oxy @ 88F Love the swirl action on the clean Star san keg prep to purge the o2 Get the last star san out on the pressure valve upside down. no leaks Pressured @ 10 psi for counter fill like keg Love them 3 beers in a 1 keg kegerator Go on get u some

Sep 17, 2022 by Mike

Q: Will the Kegland Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter item #C85 work with these?

A: Yes

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