Hop Spider For Mash & Boil & Grainfather

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This stainless strainer  (also known as a hop spider) is perfect for containing hops in a boil in either a Keggle, Mash & Boil, or Grainfather. Made entirely of 304 grade stainless, this 300 micron grade screen will hold in either pellet or whole hops. It can accomodate up to 9 ounces of pellet hops, or 4 ounces of whole hops.  It is 17½" overall length with handle, with the basket being 14" long, and 4" wide at the base, and 6" wide at the top.

Average rating 9.41176470588235 out of 10 ( based on 17 reviews )

Great Addition!

Review by Veronica on 1/7/2022

I used this with my Digiboil 35L and it worked great. Fits perfect and makes adding hops easy. I have heard you can use for steeping grains in place of a muslim bag. Will try on my next batch.

Great Product

Review by Mike Kane on 7/9/2021

I've been using hop socks for years and I don't know why I didn't upgrade to this along time ago. It's easy to clean and works great!

Works great!

Review by Jared Priester on 11/23/2019

Does exactly as advertised! Works great!

Works great!

Review by Loren on 10/19/2019

Only used it once so far. Works better than a hop sack. Wish there were a stainless steel chain on it. The hook doesn’t work well on my keggle and I would like it to set on the bottom and still be able to retrieve it easily. Cleans with a forceful spray.

Well constructed, works well.

Review by Dusten on 7/13/2019

Bought this to keep pellet hops out of my carboy. Works well!

Apr 22, 2021 by FRANK MCEVOY

Q: Will this work with Digiboil 35L?

A: Yes, it fits perfectly

Nov 01, 2020 by Errin

Q: Will this fit in the brewers edge mash and boil with pump?

A: Yes, it fits perfectly.

Aug 01, 2017 by Charles

Q: Can this be used in a Robobrew (with pump)?

A: Yes, for the boil when you remove the grain pipe, this fits well.

May 28, 2017 by Vince Mitchell

Q: Can this be used with the Boil & Mash?

A: Yes, it fits perfectly.

Dec 13, 2016 by Mike

Q: how hard is it to bend the handle like it is shown in the picture with the keggle?

A: Not real hard, the handle is thin stainless and can be bent with a little effort.

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