• Shown with Flow Control Faucets
  • This shows the digital controls with fan switch (the fan is on)
  • This shows the tower cooling fan and glass holder
  • This shows the back of the unit with C02 bottle holder (C02 bottle not included)
  • With 3 full sized 5 gallon kegs, you will have to remove the glass holder
  • With a 2.5 gallon and 2 five gallon kegs, the glass holder can remain
  • Converted to a fermentation chamber set at 63° F.
  • Converted to a refrigerator with the included shelf set at 33° F.

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Item #: B26
Our Price: $579.98
Pick Your Beer Tower (Triple Tower Intertap Shown at left)
Optional discounted C02 Regulator (save $16.99)
Optional Lift Gate Delivery - trucker unloads it from the truck to curbside
Signature Required On Delivery
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The First Kegerator Designed For Homebrewers

Ships Via Truck Freight For Only $6.99 to the lower 48 states

Keg King Series 4 Kegerators are the only kegerators designed specifically for the home brewer. They feature Intertap solid stainless forward seal faucets, a tower cooling fan with a front panel on and off switch, an interior glass holder to keep chilled glasses handy, and a wide range thermostat adjustable from 26° to 82° F.

Intertap forward seal faucets come standard, mounted on a brushed 304 stainless tower. Besides being of extremely high quality, these are the only beer faucets that can be easily converted to a growler filler or stout faucet by just unscrewing the spout. You can choose between standard forward seal Intertap Faucets made of solid stanless steel, or Flow Control Intertap Faucets made from solid stainless steel. Pick standard faucets if you mostly drink home brew, pick Flow Control is you use commercial kegs, which are more likely to vary in carbonation when first tapped (flow control can help stop a just transported keg from foaming).

Cold does not rise. You will find that a beer tower elevated above a refrigerator will always remain warmer than the refrigerator, resulting in initial pours from the kegerator that are warm and foamy, followed by colder pours once you have dispensed a beer or two. At home this is a real problem, unless you pour beers in quick succession.  The Keg King Series 4 is the only kegerator to include a tower cooling fan as standard equipment, and also feature a fan on/off switch on the front digital control panel. This way, to save energy and minimize fan noise, you can leave the tower cooling fan off except at times when you are dispensing beer.

 When it is time to pour a glass, the Series 4 includes a handy glass holder inside to keep your beer glasses chilled.  Just open the door and grab an ice cold glass and dispense. The glass holder holds both Belgian type stemmed glasses, and can also hold pint glasses. The glass holder can be removed, as it only allows you to have two 5 gallon and one 3 gallon or shorter keg inside at once.

 The beauty of the Mark 4 is the extended range thermostat included. Unlike kegerators with standard 30° to 50° temperature ranges, the Mark 4 can be adjusted easily with the front panel digital display from 25° to 82° F (ambient temperature permitting),  which means you can also use your kegerator  as a fermentation chamber for ales in summer, a small refrigerator for food items, or even a wine cellar. The Mark 4 is easily convertible to a small refrigerator, and features an insulated plug to cover the tower hole, and a screw plug to seal the back gas line hole.  In addition, a removable refrigerator shelf is included, and the drip tray and railing can both be removed for a smooth top. The door hinge is reversable.

Series 4 Triple Tap SS Includes:

Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 Faucet Brushed Stainless Faucet Towers

All Stainless Intertap Faucets are standard with your choice of standard or Flow Control

Built in Tower Cooling Fan with on off switch on front panel

CO2 Cylinder Bracket Holder (C02 bottle not included)

Removeable Glass holder to keep your beer glasses chilled inside

Beer and Gas Line with hose clamps

Intertap Multi Tool

Removeable Castor Wheels

Chrome Guard Rail

Drip Tray

The only additional parts you require are the gas cylinder and C02 Regulator (optional above), kegs and connectors to attach to your kegs (depending on which kegs you are using).

Mark III C02 Regulator is optional in case you already have a C02 regulator

 Series 4 Kegerator Specs:

Temperature range 26° F to 82° F (ambient temperature permitting)

R600 Refrigerant and a powerful compressor that can go down to 26° F.

The fridge is approximately 5.8 cubic feet in interior volume.


       24” Wide Overall (interior dimensions 20¼" wide)

       30” Deep Overall with cylinder mount attached, 25½" deep without cylinder (interior with door closed 18" deep)

       52” Height of the entire unit with tower and faucet handles and castors

       49¾” Height of the entire unit with tower and faucet handles without castors

       35¾” Height of the fridge part (including castor wheels but excluding the height of guard rail, drip tray or tower)

       33” Height of the fridge part (excluding castor wheels and the height of guard rail, drip tray and tower)

       Rated for home use, not certified for commercial use

   Important Shipping and Returns Information

TRUCK SHIPPING FOR $6.99   Kegerators ship via truck for only $6.99 to all urban and suburban addresses 48 states (no shipment to AK and HI). Keep in mind the truck will deliver to curbside, but will not unload the kegerator box, which weighs 92 pounds. You will need to be there for delivery and helping to remove the kegerator carton from the back of the truck at delivery. We offer optional lift gate service for $60.00, which means the trucker will unload the kegerator on a pallet from the truck and leave it curbside. Remote rural areas are subject to a trucker levied remote access charge, we will notify you before shipment if this applies to your shipment. Please note that refused or not accepted shipments will be subject to having actual cost truck freight for getting it to you and returning it to William's deducted from your refund.

WILL CALL OPTION  If you can pick this up at our warehouse in San Leandro, California, enter coupon code WILLCALL at checkout (and pick the Will Call shipping option) to save $50.00.

 WARRANTY AND 60 DAY TRIAL PERIOD  We offer a 1 year warranty and a 60 day trial period, although you must pay for return truck shipping in the case of the trial period which can cost up to $250.00 depending on the original delivery address. 

Click to download kegerator instructions.


Click to download the warranty and return conditions in pdf format.



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by Nick Walsh
on 1/29/2018
from East Wenatchee, WA
Great but be aware
Lucky to find this nice unit so I bought it with the 3 tap adjustable along with the HD wheel kit. Arrived perfect, wheel kit fits but not like it should and uses far too small of screws that will shear off if given the chance. With the set point at 32F, My Temperature logger over 2 days shows temp swings from 19.6F to 27.26F. The average (over 1,500 measurements is 27.2F). It's not an issue with the swings but interesting. I used an 8' beer line and coiled it on keg top. Also used the low profile keg couplers. Really no foam as long as tower is insulated and kept cold. otherwise first beer will be foamy. Love this kegerator, really do. Williams Brewing is also nice to do business with. I highly recommend this unit. Order options should also include fitting package, low profile couplers, colored hoses, CO2 manifold, tower insulator etc as options. I had to shop elsewhere to get these.
by Guy
on 12/6/2017
from Orange, CA
Keg King
I got the three tap flow control option. The kegerator works well and the ability to easily calibrate the temp is awesome. I set it to 35 deg. F and the digital read out stays between 32 - 38 but the beer temp holds at around 35. good enough for me. My only complaint is the components for the beer and gas hoses are adequate but low quality with no valves for the three different gas lines and the lines are only 5 mm ID which seems a little to small. I am having a issue with foam after a week or so but that is probably something I am doing wrong.  I will be rebuilding that part of the system later. Over all for the price this is a very good system. I have seen worse kegerators for twice the money. By the way it does hold 3 corny kegs easily but you do have to put the one in the back and the other two up front. 
by Terry
on 12/4/2017
from Wisconsin
My Unit has only been operating for several weeks, but so far I am thoroughly pleased with this product. The delivery was fast, and the process went very smooth. The quality of the product is very good. I did watch the videos on line prior to assembly, and found them to be helpful as well. I do notice that the top of the tower will form condensation if you leave the cooling fan on for periods of time, and the sticker on the front of the Unit was noticeably crooked. All in all I am very happy with this purchase.
by Bob
on 11/28/2017
from Bremerton, WA
Great Value
This is a really nice kegerator that performs well and looks good doing it.  I bought the three-tap model and three corny kegs fit snuggly.  Nice that placement of the CO2 bottle is outside of the kegerator vice inside.  This kegerator does not come with assembly instructions and I found it important to watch the video, in its entirety, prior to putting it together.
by Charles
on 10/11/2017
from Atlanta, GA
Easy to assemble, and use
The assembly video has a couple places that could be improved, so it's best to watch the whole thing once before assembly, but it's a quick thing to put together and so nice to use. Fits 3 corny kegs snugly.
Review and Rate this Item
Nick Walsh
2/22/2018 10:31:50 PM
I would like to fit the CO2 tank inside on the small shelf along with 3 each 1/6 bbl kegs. Can you tell me if the tank will fit? Also, I would like to add a 3 line gas manifold to the inside, where can I drill mounting holes? Velcro Strap made wrong or?
This kegerator will not fit 3 1/6 bbl kegs as they are a bit wider than 5 gallon Ball Lock homebrew kegs.  It can only fit 2 1/6 bbl kegs. It will fit 2 kegs (either kind) and a CO2 tank.
2/7/2018 11:45:32 PM
Can a second gas bracket be installed on the back to allow mixed gas to serve a nitro stout?
We do not recommend drilling more holes in the back of the unit, but a second tank can be placed on the ground next to or behind the unit, or even inside if there is room.
1/16/2018 9:57:02 AM
any way at all that 2 pony kegs would fit in here? Maybe stacked offset one on top of other? I cant find any internal height dimensions for this kegerator. Only pony and 1/2 barrel kegs are available around me and I would like a dual tap option. Thx
Unfortunately, no they are too wide, and too tall when two are stacked.
Chris H.
12/30/2017 8:03:42 PM
Will this kegerator accommodate a 10lb CO2 tank?
No, the included bracket holds a 5 lb. C02 tank. You can use a 10 lb. tank, but it will have to sit outside the kegerator on the floor.
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