2 Oz. Natural Tartaric Acid

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The principal acid in grapes, Tartaric Acid has a tart sour flavor. The acid most commonly used when increasing acidity in grape must. Ours is completely natural and produced from fruit by Distillerie Mazzari S.p.A. of Ravenna Italy.

When balancing a grape must that needs additional acidity, 3.8 grams in 1 gallon will raise the total acidity level .1 pH unit. For example, if your one gallon of juice tests with an acid test kit to have a level of .4% total acidity (TA), and you want to achieve an TA level of .55%, add 5.7 grams to your 1 gallon of juice.  To adjust 5 gallons from.4 to .55, add 28.5 grams of tartaric acid.

It is highly recommended to use a precise scale to measure, although 1 level teaspoon equals approximately 3.5 to 3.9 grams, depending on how level the teaspoon is.

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