2.5 Gallon Home Beverage System

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A high quality starter system with a single outlet C02 regulator. Includes a Two-Gauge Kegland Regulator, one new 2.5 Gallon Ball-Lock KegLand Keg, Gas Connector with ¼" threaded flared tubing to fit home and commercial keg adapters, Tap with threaded 4' hose, and our illustrated instructions.  All components are new and of the highest commercial quality. Requires 19" of clearance if you use a standard height  (18") 5 lb. C02 tank.  A full-featured system that can be added to later as your needs change.

Important Note: You will need a 5 pound C02 tank which you can purchase locally. Check fire extinguisher, welding gas, or soda fountain suppliers for a local shop that can either sell you an empty tank to fill, or rent you a filled C02 Tank. A typical 5 pound C02 tank when full can dispense at least 18 2.5 gallon kegs of beer.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

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