Pinot Noir Wine Making Kit For 5 Gallons

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Making your own wine is satisfying and easy.  As long as you ferment great juice, keep everything sanitary, and give it enough time to age (3 months or more for whites, 6 months or more for reds), you will get great wine.

Here at William’s, we have developed our William’s California Wine Kits with this philosophy in mind. Our Kits include 192 ounces of pure California varietal grape concentrate, condensed at temperatures that never exceed 180 degrees F.  from Central Valley wine grapes picked at their ripe peak in the late Summer and early Fall. To complement the varietal juice, specially selected dry wine yeast, oak chips, and nutrient are also included as needed. Unlike many wine kits featuring added sugar, this 192 ounces of pure concentrate is all that is needed (except for the yeast and addtives) to produce 5 gallons (24 bottles) of varietal wine.

Pinot Noir is a grape that yields a deep, complex red wine that matures in a year or two, with a fruitier, softer character than Cabernet. An deep red aromatic wine. 

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Here is an actual shot of our Pinot Noir, showing its deep color and hinting at its rich body.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 18 reviews )

First Blush

Review by Richard R. K. on 4/27/2007

Pros: Easy to make, and it came out better than expected. I yielded 23 bottles. Let it age for 12 months, and then tried it out. Several friends have requested a bottle after trying it out, so I guess I have to make it again. You should let it breathe a little before drinking, as it comes on sort of strong, but it has a nice finish. I am very satisfied with the results.

Cons: None really. It could not have been easier to make. Just a long wait to see if the final product turned out good.

Good price - Great Wine

Review by SRfromGA on 6/1/2007

Pros: Very easy to make and turned out great. I used no finings; just let gravity clear the wine. Tasted good out of the fermenter. I'm going to let them sit at about 55 deg for 6 months before we open a bottle.

Cons: Wicked smell while primary fermentation took place.

Easy, flawless great quality wine!

Review by Jerry on 9/7/2007

Pros: Super simple to make. My friends can't believe I made good as anything you can buy for the price!

Cons: I have found nothing bad with kit!

Calif. Pinot Noir Kit

Review by Dennis L. on 3/7/2008

Pros: This is a good Pinot Noir, comparable to almost any. Pinot is usually a very hard wine to make and age, but this is a easy to use kit.

Cons: I really can't think of any, although I racked this wine more than instructed.

Excellent Product

Review by John H. on 7/12/2008

Pros: The kit comes with everything you need to make a great Pinot Noir.

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Feb 19, 2019 by wallie

Q: what yeast doe this kit comes with?

A: Y44. LALVIN 71B-1122

Dec 10, 2017 by Glenn in MI

Q: What is the expected SG & FG for this wine?

A: Starting gravity around 1.105, final gravity around .998 or less

Sep 23, 2017 by Mike Stepp

Q: i have read somewhere the you don,t want to do a malolactic fermentation on wine kits. is this true of yours also and why?

A: The grapes for our kits are grown in the Central Valley of California, a hot place to grow grapes. This means they tend towards the sweet side versus the acid side, so doing a malo lactic to sweeten or soften the wine would be of no purpose. On the other hand, if you want a buttery Chardonnay, malo lactic is the way to achieve this, and it would work with our Chardonnay kit.

Apr 13, 2017 by Greg in VA

Q: What does the final ABV on one of these come to?

A: Our red wine kits if you make 5 gallons typically are around 14% alcohol. If you make 6 gallons (some people do) they are typically around 12.5%

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