Green Coffee

Ripe Coffee Cherries at Manlao River Coffee

We love our coffee here at William’s Brewing, so much so that we carry a wide variety of the green coffee bean for at-home roasting. Here in the Bay Area we have direct access to many gourmet green coffee importers and are very selective in what we hand-pick to offer to you. Our basic philosophy is a green coffee we sell must offer outstanding value, punching above its purchase price in complexity and body.

Costa Rica Black Honey La Cabana

Black honey is coffee placed under a black plastic tarp while being turned on raised beds. This laborious process produces the most complex flavor of the honey coffees and is the most expensive. This type of green coffee bean is from the La Cabana Micro Mill in the Tarrazu region.  

Colombian Excelso

From the Bucaramanga region, this Colombian green coffee bean produces a brew with a clean, rich taste. The classic Central American coffee, Colombian has one of the most enticing aromas when freshly roasted. It is one of the most popular gourmet coffees, and very versatile for the roaster, as it makes an excellent light or dark (French roast) style of coffee.

African Burundi

This green coffee bean is from the Nyangwe community in Burundi and produces a rich coffee with a touch of 'red wine' dryness in the finish. We highly recommend it if you are partial to Ethiopian or Kenyan coffees.

You can order these and a variety of other green coffee beans online here through William’s!