2 Lbs. Sumatra Golden Gayo

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Grown in the Bener Meriah Gayo Highlands region, Golden Gayo is a rich earthy coffee with notes of leather, tobacco, and honey in the finish, according to professional tasters. 

An excellent example of classic Sumatra coffee.  Click here for more information. 

Average rating 7.375 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Small and light on flavor

Review by David G. on 9/18/2008

Pros: Not many, in my opinion, as I like a bolder taste from a cup. I never could achieve a dark, full bodied roast from this bean.

Cons: The beans are fairly small and many can/will fall through your roaster drum (I have the Behmor).

Good Stuff

Review by Adam W. on 4/26/2009

Pros: Great coffee to enjoy with friends who appreciate coffee.

Cons: Unappreciated by those who don't know the joy of coffee.

Check your roaster ...

Review by Thomas B. on 7/25/2009

Pros: This is a full bodied coffee with pleanty of flavor. I have had no problem getting as dark as i want with my Plus 8 (darker sometimes ;-)


Review by Joel on 4/7/2013

I find that a medium roast (no oil on the roasted beans) brings out more and more subtle flavors.

Great coffee

Review by Mr.Roy on 2/29/2016

I have tried it at different roasting times , and i roast until i bring the oil out and it is the best for me. Best coffee i have ever had.

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