3 L. German Acidulated Malt

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Produced by developing the lactic acid bacteria that occurs naturally on grain. It is used to adjust the pH level in a mash and in the making of authentic Berliner Weisse beer. For example, using 1% Acidulated Malt in a mash reduces the pH by .1, and using 8% in a mash reduces the pH by .8 The exact effect depends on the composition of the mash and brewing water, but in general 8% in a mash will produce a sour character in the finished beer, and is typically used when making sour beers like Berliner Weisse. Acidulated Malt is also ideal to experiment with when making tart Belgian styles (use 1 to 10% in the mash). This malt is crushed and ready to add to your mash.
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Drop your lager mash pH

Review by Jg on 4/27/2017

It worked for a 5.75 Gallon Helles Lager batch – 3.2 Gallons of Mash liquor used RO water ONLY at pH 7.0. ADDITIVES: (1/16 tsp CaCl2) + (2 tsp pH5.2 Stabilizer – for its phosphate only) + (14 drops Lactic Acid). RESULT: 3.2 Gal. mash liquor pH = 5.1. GRAINS: Pilsner malt 71.4% at pH 5.9, Vienna malt 13%, Chit malt 11.6%, Acid malt 4% (for 0.1 pH drop add about 1% acid malt to grain bill). RESULT: mash pH = 5.2 at 119 F. MASH EFFICIENCY ppg = 87% with single decoction SPARGE: 7 Gal Sparge RO water was treated similarly with additives (but used only 1 tsp pH5.2 Stabilizer) produced a sparge liquor of pH 5.6 (should have dropped it to 5.4) Final Wort pH = 5.5.

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