25 L. Victory Malt

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This is a toasted pale malt ideal for adding a warm, toasted, nutty flavor, and deep golden color to ales. Use this malt when your recipe specifies toasted malt, and you do not want to have to toast your own pale malt. Use 5 to 15% victory malt in the mash: 5 to 10% for porter, and 10 to 15% for nut brown ales. Lovibond rating: 25.
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Review by Armand on 7/31/2019

A great malt for a pale ale. It has flavor beyond a base malt for that extra malt taste you want to keep a pale ale's taste diversified.

Nov 24, 2019 by terry

Q: Does steeping specialty grains before adding malt extract add sugar content to the wort?

A: Not by much, much better to mash grains like victory malt with pale malt to convert the starches to sugars. If you steep victory malt, you will get some flavor and body, but not much sugar added.

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