55 Lbs. GW Two Row Whole Malt(Actual Cost Shipping Item)

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A popular base malt, grown and malted in the United States, ideal for American ales and lagers. Possessing moderate protein and enzymes levels, this malt produces a very clean malt flavor with a smooth finish. This malt has enough enzymes to handle up to 40% adjuncts in the mash. Lovibond 1.8° to 2.2°. 55 pound sack.

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Review by Joe From Hell on 3/26/2015

well it showed up in time and it's a way better deal then buying it 10 lbs at a time in town... also works well and made a great base for my last two beers... which were a Nut Brown Ale and a Stout...

Feb 06, 2019 by Erik

Q: This is powder form already crushed and refined? sorry, just want to make sure:)

A: No, this is in whole kernel form. You will have to crush it before brewing with suitable grain mill like our items I13 or B21.

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