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Do you make double IPA’s? LupuLN2 hop powder pellets from Cryo Hops are a concentrated natural hop product that imparts twice the hop aroma of standard pellet hops for the same weight. This means LupuLN2 is ideal for late hop additions to build up hop aroma and character in stronger IPA styles, as it reduces bulk vegetative material in the wort, allowing the brewer to use more natural hops to create full flavored IPA’s without losing a lot of wort to hop pellet absorption. LupuLN2 also tends to reduce the ‘grassy’ effect a large amount of normal strength hop pellets can have on a strong IPA when added late in the boil or at flameout.

LupuLN2 pellets have about twice the alpha acid of normal pellet hops, although they should not be used at the start of the boil, to prevent boiling away its unique concentrated aromatic properties. Packed in 1 oz. nitrogen flushed bags. Order 8 or more (mix and match okay) and save!

Mosaic has a rich citrus character, and in Cryo form, it has an average alpha acid of 26%.

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Put your NEIPA over the top.

Review by Scott A on 12/23/2017

Love the cryo pellets — have used both the mosaic and cites varieties w/my NEIPA recipes. Typically suspend in a Muslin bag in the keg. Adds an intense and defined juiciness which for me — has put my beers over the top. Highly recommend.

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