1/2" Stainless Valve With Bulkhead

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This stainless type 304 valve features its own bulkhead with grooved back nut and sealing silicone O ring. It is 1/2" BSP straight thread, which accepts 1/2" male NPT hose barbs like our item R20, or our 3/8" hose barb item E36. A great way to add a valve to a brewing pot or keg. The O ring goes on the inside of the pot, with the grooved back nut holding it in place and assuring a good seal.

Note that the blue plastic valve handle cover may blister if you let stove flames get too close to it. If this happens, it can be removed, and the valve will still function fine.

You will need to punch or drill a 22mm (7/8") hole in your pot with a hole saw, step drill, or 22mm Knockout Punch. See our item C32 for a suitable punch.

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Jun 22, 2020 by John

Q: Does this have internal threads on the inside of the pot?

A: No, it does not

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