KegLand Distilling Parrot

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What is a Distilling Parrot? A distillers parrot allows you to take alcohol gravity measurements using an Alcometer continuously throughout your pot or reflux run. It should be placed inline of your distillation outlet so that the drops of distillate fall directly into the tallest collection cone (be sure to throw out the first 3 ounces or so as they are poisonous).  You will then place your Alcometer gently into the lower cone piece (be careful not to drop it in without any liquid/distillate in there, as Alcometers are fragile). Made by KegLand.

Includes an Alcometer and 12" length of silicone output hose to attach to the outlet.

304 Stainless Steel Construction, holds up to 3.5 fluid ounces (without alcometer), 32 ounce total weight.
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