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The KegLand Stainless Steel Mini Beer Kegs are specifically designed for home brewing/growler dispensing. They are suited to small batches and suited to people who want to fit them into their home refrigerators. You can naturally carbonate using priming sugars or force carbonate and serve your beer with the optional ball lock lid (item P07, see at right).  They come with a silicone gasket sealed stainless threaded lid, so you can fill them with beer and let them naturally carbonate, or carbonate as needed with the optional P07 ball lock lid. You will be given a chance to buy this lid (you do not need a  Ball Lock Lid for every keg) when you put this in your cart.
These fit into a standard domestic refrigerator. The optional Ball Lock lid for these kegs use a flexible silicone dip tube the kegs can also be dispensed on their side or upright. The flexible silicone dip tube of  lid P07 is heavier than beer, and will sink to the bottom even if the kegs are on their side. The optional lid P07 are equipped with a 30 PSI relief valve, and have a maximum pressure of 45 PSI.

Kegland Mini Kegs use the gold standard acid bath electrolosis to pacify the 304 grade stainless steel making the more resistant to rust than any other mini keg on the market. These are the only mini keg that uses a special robotic technique to weld the kegs from the inside out. This means KegLand gets a superior welding finish that is more sanitary than any other mini keg available. Although there are many other mini kegs that come from China simply none have the quality and finish as the genuine KegLand minikegs. See the video below for the KegLand welding story.

This 10 Liter (2.6 gallon) model is 19.5" tall and 7" wide. With optional Ball Lock Lid P07, it is 22" tall.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Well made product!

Review by Gerry R. on 2/5/2023

Recommend for anyone in the market for small keg

Fills a need

Review by Tom Schleis on 4/18/2020

I purchased two sizes of these because I have a converted freezer for my kegerator and the last corny keg simply wouldn’t fit. I needed something with a slightly smaller diameter. I searched and this was the only keg With a narrower diameter. It is exceptionally well made and I like the all-in-one tap. Wish they made a 5 gal one, but my 2.5 gal pilot brews are perfect for this. Price was also reasonable for this.

Jan 02, 2022 by Gieso

Q: When bottle/keg conditioning, can you just use the provided cap or do you need the ball lock lid for the pressure relief?

A: The provided cap holds pressure for carbonation.

May 02, 2019 by Marc H

Q: If set up with the Kegland Mini Keg Ball Lock Lid, Mini Keg Micro Regulator, and Intertap Keg Faucet; will the Mini Kegs both carbonate and dispense when on their side? Refrigerator space is tight.

A: This will work, the only reason we do not recommend this is that the pressure relief valve will be wet with beer, which may compromise its function. So in theory it will work, but safety will be compromised.

Apr 03, 2019 by Kris

Q: How do you recommend cleaning these?

A: Be sure to rinse out your mini keg right after use and then fill 3/4 full with your favorite cleanser such as (A26) Brewers Edge Oxygen Cleanser, put the lid on and shake then rinse. If you didn't rinse it our after use and it is dirty inside you can use a bottle brush(E15) instead of just shaking it.

Nov 07, 2018 by john b

Q: Are these stack-able? Looks like the 2 and 4 L are same OD and the 5 and 10 L are same. So, can the 2 stack ontop of a 4 and can a 5 stack ontop of a 10?

A: Yes, the narrower 2 and 4 stack, and the wider 5 and 10 liter stack.

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