Cornelius-Type Gas Side Plug

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These stainless ball lock posts fit the gas (in) side of old Cornelius brand kegs, as well as newer A.E.B. Italian-made kegs, Chinese Kegs, and Italian-made Spartanburg VI Kegs that have a number (P/N) stamped on the front ending in PS. These have the same threading as Cornelius plugs, 19/32-18.

Note these do not include needed Universal Poppets (our item L92) or needed Ball Lock O Rings (item D12). You will need one L92 and one D12 in addition to this post to complete your male in gas fitting. These do not accept the Cornelius specific poppet (our item D85) are designed to fit the universal poppet valve L92.

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Loose threads

Review by Tim W. on 5/18/2020

I purchased 2 sets of these and had problems on 2 separate kegs. For the beer side, after installing with no problem it leaked under pressure. Meanwhile I saw no problem with the gas side. I ended up using teflon tape to seal the beer side. I wrote to Williams about this but got no reply. That could be COVID related. On the next keg I had problems with the gas side. After screwing it down 2 turns the threads began to bind. For the beer side of this keg the post went on without issue, but I didn't bother testing it for leaks. I removed both and went back to the ones I had. I rated these at 2 because they do fit ball lock connectors like a glove. That's why I wanted them, I find the other styles to be a little tight on the connectors. So, if you order these, test them right away. Make sure they screw on smooth and test for leaks. Unfortunately they didn't work out for me. I'll copy and paste this as a review for the gas side as well.


Review by David Baker on 9/10/2018

Arrived on time - works well - does the job

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