Shank ½ " BSP Thread Adapter

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Adapts shank threads (found on beer shanks and Sankey coupling heads) to fit ½" BSP straight threads. Use this if you ever want to use a standard female ½" fitting on a beer shank or coupling head. Be sure to use a Q93 Shank Sealing Washer (see right) between this fitting and the base of the shank or coupler. Made of type 304 stainless.

This will also fit most ½" NPT threads, as long as you use teflon tape to insure a leak proof seal.
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a must have for securing faucets to shank, spanner wrench

Review by jeff on 1/8/2016

Anyone owning beer faucets should own at least one of these. Sometimes opening or closing a faucet will cause it to leak at the shank nut. Nothing like the right tool for the job, securing or removing beer faucets, buy a spare one just in case.

must have

Review by Paul on 3/3/2014

Don't risk scratching your faucets with the wrong tool.

Apr 25, 2018 by Justin

Q: What grade of stainless is this made from?

A: Type 304

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