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Our steeping bags are made of a cheesecloth-like polyester, and are ideal for containing small amounts of grain (up to 1 lb.) in the wort, or for dry hopping. Pack of 10.
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Just the right size and price

Review by Ken Byington on 7/9/2022

These are just right for small grain additions and dry hopping, just as the description says.

I call them Sparge Bags!

Review by Sam on 9/12/2017

These work well, I grow hops and these do a great job of letting water in and keeping leaves in. Can also be use to filter to a degree.

Handy boiling bags for a cleaner wort

Review by John Faustini on 2/24/2016

These handy bags are very convenient for steeping grains or containing whole hops during your boil to get a cleaner wort with less trub. Pros: Easy to use and cheap enough to discard after one use, saving on cleanup effort. Cons: Small--will only hold 1 lb. of grain or 1 oz. whole hops, so you may need to use several bags depending on your recipe. Also, not fine enough mesh in my opinion to use with pellet hops; you'll get better results with the fine mesh nylon steeping bags for that purpose.

The name say's it perfectly

Review by Dylan on 4/14/2015

These bags work great for pellet hop additions throughout the boil and also during the whirlpool. Inexpensive and effective. Would definitely recommend

Great bags for extract boiling

Review by Curtis on 1/24/2014

I always use these for grain and hops steeping. Work perfectly for both. Always stable.

Jan 19, 2017 by Dan

Q: Are these indeed polyester?

A: Yes

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