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Our steeping bags are made of a cheesecloth-like polyester, and are ideal for containing small amounts of grain (up to 1 lb.) in the wort, or for dry hopping. Pack of 10.
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Good small bags

Review by Mikkel H. on 7/13/2008

Pros: Easy to use, fairly cheap, and doesn't require running a ton of water to clean them if you just toss them (good in dry areas like I live in).

Cons: On the small side - good for a pound of grain, but that's about it.

Inexpensive Solution

Review by Buckeye Brewer on 8/8/2008

Pros: When I ordered I didn't realize that you get more than one bag. I received 8. That was nice because muslin bags seem to always be missing when brew day comes. Bags worked well.

Cons: They are small. Only hold one pound of grain. The bags also seemed to loose threads in the wort, so I had to picked the white threads out of my brew pot.

muslin boiling bags

Review by Jim on 9/6/2011

I found these bags to be great for not only grains and hops but for other additives such as jalapenos, fruit, etc. for making specialty brews. They reduce the amount of trug in the fermentor thereby reducing the amount of brew lost in the transfers.

Great bags for extract boiling

Review by Curtis on 1/24/2014

I always use these for grain and hops steeping. Work perfectly for both. Always stable.

The name say's it perfectly

Review by Dylan on 4/14/2015

These bags work great for pellet hop additions throughout the boil and also during the whirlpool. Inexpensive and effective. Would definitely recommend

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Jan 19, 2017 by Dan

Q: Are these indeed polyester?

A: Yes

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