Fermonster 7 Gallon Fermenter

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Unbreakable crystal clear PET plastic fermenter features thick PET walls that do not require ribs or texturing for strength. Easier to clean than ribbed fermenters, and easier to see through. BPA-free plastic, molded  in Canada. 11" wide, 22" tall (not including airlock and stopper).

This 7 gallon Fermonster features a 4" diameter O ring sealed lid for easy cleaning, that takes a #10 stopper and airlock (stopper and airlock not included, you will be given the opportunity to purchase these when you put this in your cart). Gallon markers are molded into the side at 5, 6, and 7 gallon steps. An optional solid lid is also available in case you want to use your Fermonster for storage, or want to drill your own airlock, thermowell, or Temp Twister holes.





 Below is a video on installing the lid sealing O ring:

Average rating 7.2 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

Fermonster needs help

Review by Benjamin Desmonie on 1/9/2019

I purchased this product when I first heard about it and like most of you was looking forward to getting away from glass. My only problem with the fermonster is the lid and neck. #10 bungs seem to be used mostly wine brewers and since I did not have one purchased a lid without a hole to drill for my #7 bungs. The lid was not round and warped. I could not get it to screw down and seal, very frustrating. The 4 inch opening would be better at 6 inches as my for arm and bicep don't like to fit in the opening. I contacted the company and was told I have abnormally large arms and everyone else fits. Look at picture two on the main page. this guys fore arm is not going to fit if he tries to clean the bottom. Hmmm. Bottom line is that I use this for long term aging and nothing else. Not as user friendly as needed for regular brewing. I will stick with glass.

Seal problems

Review by Louis on 1/6/2019

Bought the Fermonster in an effort to find a suitable alternative to my glass carboys. I've purchased other plastic alternatives, but recently one cracked after appox. 4 batches, and they are difficult to clean. Soaking usually does the job, but sometimes one soak just doesn't do it, PBW isn't cheap. Enter the Fermonster, easy to clean, works well in every other aspect except for making a good seal. I tried several size 10 bungs with the universal being the best. However, the air leak actually comes from the lid itself. No matter how tight I screwed on the lid, the flimsy, undersized O ring just wouldn't do the job. Finally got the lid on so tight it wouldn't come off. I had to wait until racking and then run under hot water to finally remove the lid. No big deal, except that now the convenience of having a large opening for dry hopping is negated. If Fermonster were to fix the seal problems with their lid, I would give 5 stars and gladly buy more, until then the search continues.

Good fermentor - some trouble with the stopper

Review by Tony on 10/17/2016

I've done a couple of batches now using the Fermonster. It has been a good product overall. Pros: - 7 Gallon capacity gives me lots of head-space, active fermentations do not put foam/krausen in my blow-off tubing. - Large opening makes cleaning a breeze. Less PBW used because I can gently scrub instead of just soaking. - Large opening also makes sampling with the thief easier, plus I don't have to disturb the airlock assembly to sample. Cons: The thin hole in the lid does not hold a stopper very well. I"m still experimenting with different stoppers but they do seem to work loose under fermentation pressure. (Don't let this scare you - no bugs are getting in, the blow-off tube is just not bubbling sometimes until I push the stopper in a bit further) There is a "pyramid" at the bottom of the vessel that seems designed to push trub to the outer perimeter. When siphoning my batch to the ket it was hard to keep the cane out of the trub. Overall - very happy!

monster mash

Review by Joe From Hell on 6/22/2016

It's good ..real easy to lift and clean ..just be careful when you pick it up to dump out cleanser ..it is very easy to drop and will cave in on you since it is very light weight... outside of that...it ROCKS...GREAT! for that 6+ gallon batch of High Velocity Wheat beer I just made....with a touch of orange zest..

Good product

Review by Joe on 5/28/2016

After using glass carboys for years, I tried plastic fermenters with some hesitation, and now I'm a complete convert to plastic vessels. Light, sturdy, easily to clean and store. This one makes a good seal easily, though I wish the whole in the top was smaller. Im not a fan of #10 rubber plugs. (EXCELLENT customer service by Williams Brewing on a damaged package issue.)

Jan 11, 2018 by Jeremy

Q: How tall and wide are these? Being plastic I am hoping they are slightly smaller than the carboys I have and would allow for 4 of them in my fermenter at time.

A: 11" wide, 22" tall (not including airlock and stopper)

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