KegLand Cannular Pro Semi Auto Canning Machine

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The KegLand Semi Auto Cannular Pro can seamer is one of the most compact and easy to use benchtop can seamers around. Semi auto means you don't have to pull a lever to seal the can, just put the can and lid on the pedestal, snug up the can to the die, and press a button to seal the lid.  A can can be seamed in 3 seconds.

SAFE 24 VOLT POWER OPTIONS If you have ever used a can seamer you know that you can sometimes spill liquids while processing cans. As a result we have made the Cannular machine with 24v DC so even when you make a mess you don't have a risk of electrocuting yourself. This also makes the machine easier to clean and wash down. An optional step down transformer (item V89) plugs into any 110 volt outlet. If you do not purchase this optional transformer, you need to get an Anderson Plug twin wire lead (our item Z25) so you can feed power into the Cannular Canning Machine via a 24 volt DC power source of your own that can handle 500 watts.

GO ANYWHERE & EASILY RECYCLED Cans are a fantastic choice for outdoor events, parties, pool events, or at the beach. No chance of broken glass and or injury, and easy to clean up and pack out.

LIGHT BLOCK Beer can get damaged quickly due to light. If you expose many beers to sunlight for even 5 minutes the beer can become light damaged ("skunked"). Even softer light such as indoor lights will damage beer over time and noticeable skunking can occur with both incandescent and fluorescent light within hours. So unless you keep your glass bottles in the dark all the time you will compromise the beer quality. Aluminium cans solve this problem by blocking 100% of damaging light.

FITS 300 TO 500 ML CANS WITHOUT AN ADAPTER If you have standard USA 16 ounce cans with type 202 (B64) lids, you can easily adjust the Cannular Pro to fit. Just adjust the screw base up or down to fit anything from an 11 ounce to a 16 ounce standard USA can with a type 202 (B64) lid. The KegLand cans we sell are all this standard 202 lid type, and both the 300 and 500ml sizes fit this machine without an adapter.

Dimensions: 16" deep by 10" wide by 21" tall.

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Cannular Pro

Review by Aerohead93 on 9/20/2021

I don’t typically take the time to write reviews. However, the Cannular Pro Semi-automatic canning machine deserves a mention! After spending quite a long time comparing different canners on the market, I had narrowed it down to the Oktober Designs SL1 and the Cannular Pro. The decision to buy the Cannular Pro came down mainly to cost. I had read several not so good reviews stating that the Cannular Pro suffered from some quality control issues earlier on. Williams Brewing had been running a special on the Cannular Pro throwing in the power supply at no extra cost. So I pulled the trigger and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made on brewing related purchases! The Cannular Pro worked flawlessly right out of the box with no tinkering and is built extremely well! Thanks Williams Brewing and Kegland for one of the best brewing gear purchases to date! If you are in the market for a canner, you simply can’t go wrong with the Cannular Pro Semi-automatic!

Dec 07, 2022 by John

Q: Our unit stays on all the time and we have replaced both switches. Any idea what is wrong?

A: You may find the power relay is stuck open. Unplug the unit, open the case, and remove the clear relay box item JQX-13F(D) This is a standard 8 pin 24 volt DC relay that can be found at Grainger, Amazon, and other places. Replace the relay with a new unit.

Jul 30, 2022 by Lorenzo Espino

Q: What are the measurements of the shipping box for the cannular pro?

A: 19.5"L x 14.5"W x 27"H

May 28, 2022 by Bill

Q: Will the Cannular Pro Semi Auto seam 16 oz cans with 360 SuperEnd full open aperture out of the box? Thanks

A: The Cannular Pro will work with 16 ounce/500ml cans that accept full aperture 202 lids. Look for 202 lids that are compatible with the 202 B64 lid specification.

Jul 25, 2021 by Jef

Q: Will the pro model work with 8oz sleek cans without an adapter as long as they are 202?

A: No.

Jan 21, 2021 by Errin

Q: Is there something that you recommend to go under the cannular to catch the excess liquids? Thanks!

A: We do not have anything made up for this, so I would look for some kind of tray locally.

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