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Grainfather Optional Items Include:

  Get the Grainfather with an optional Grainfather Sparge Water Heater, Graincoat, or Stainless Steel Hop Strainer.

Sparge Water Heater
 Stainless Hop Strainer

The Grainfather is a 110 volt compact self contained RIMS mashing, boiling, and cooling system for mashing 5 gallon batches of beer. What is unique is that no special circuit, plug, or wiring is needed - this runs on any 110 volt 20 amp rated plug with a GFCI.  It features a 6 watt recirculating pump, for the mashing stage, and a separate counter flow wort chiller that you insert into the Grainfather when it is time to cool the 5 gallon batch after the electric powered boil. The boil is handled by a 1600 watt heating element. 

 For the initial mashing stage, you load the Grainfather with crushed grist (up to 18 pounds) per your recipe, set the thermostat to your desired mash temperature, add water, and let it go. Because it is a RIMS system, you can easily do multiple temperature rest mashing if desired - just adjust the temperature upwards with the thermostat whenever you want to go to another temperature rest. In addition the manual thermostat control, the Grainfather Connect Bluetooth control is also included.

After the mash cycle is done, you lift the grain basket partially so you can manually sparge by pouring water over the grain basket into the Grainfather below. You need to heat your own mash water, either by heating 5 gallons or so to boiling with the Grainfather before mashing and storing it in a stainless boiling pot, or heating when it is time to sparge with a separate brew pot on a stove. What we did was heat our sparge water in the Grainfather by getting it to boil in the Grainfather, then transferrring to a stainless boiling pot, and putting a lid on the pot. We then heated the pot briefly on a stove to raise it from 160° F. to the 168° F. needed for sparging,

After manual sparging, the grain basket is removed and you set the 1600 watt electric element to boil. It takes about 60-80 minutes to come to boil depending on ambient temperature. Hops are added mClick Above For the Grainfather Android Appanually during the boil per your recipe plan. 

 When the boil is over, you insert the included counter flow wort chiller to chill the wort which requires an external supply of cold water to run.  Our tests found this counter flow chiller extremely efficient, we chilled a 5 gallon batch of Double IPA to pitching temperature (about 78° F.) in 25 minutes, and only used 20 gallons of 70° F. water. It was so efficient that we just ran the end of the wort pipe from the counterflow directly into our fermenter.

After brewing, you run about 3 gallons of water (ideally saved from the chill) through the GrainFather again with a bit of PBW or other cleaner to clean the pump, lines, and counter flow chiller.
The Grainfather comes with a 1 year warranty.  We also offer a 60 day money back guarantee on everything we sell, even if you have used it (although this does not cover return shipping). It is 27" tall with the recirculation tube attached, the cylinder body is 12" in diameter, and 15" in overall diameter when you consider the pump and thermostat.

A Grainfather app which allows you to upload recipes, and times your brew, is available free for Android and iOS. For iOS, go to iTunes and search for Grainfather, for Android, go to Google Play (the Android App has just been updated!). The included Connect Controller includes Bluetooth connectivity.

Important Note: A signature is required upon delivery, so pick a shipping address where someone is available to sign during the week. 

For YouTube video resources, click HERE

We highly recommend you read the excellent Grainfather instruction manual before ordering.

Keep in mind the instructions have a mistake - it takes at least an hour to come to a boil with the 110 volt heat element, not 20 minutes like the instructions say (the instructions are based on the 220 volt current of the New Zealand market, not the 110 volt current of the North American market). 

  Click to download the assembly instructions in pdf format.


Average rating 9.68421052631579 out of 10 ( based on 19 reviews )

Great product

Review by Jared on 8/12/2015

First brew went very well. I would recommend the Grainfather to any looking to turn to electric brewing. only issue i have is that i need to adjust water in my recipes because the boil is not as vigorous as with propane. Also the Efficiency is better than my previous methods.


Review by Ed on 8/20/2015

I have used once now - 1st batch, a relatively low OG red ale went pretty well, The good: 1. Assembly instructions were excellent and overall was very easy. 2. Start to finish including clean up was at least 1-2 hours less than my previous all grain set up. 3. Adding the countercurrent chiller inline was easy, quick and worked well - chilled 5 gallons in <10 minutes. 4. Efficiency was 70% The not so good but tolerable: During mash, the temp set for 152 F gradually climbed to 161, in spite of turning off the element and finally unplugging the element (pump runs on a separate plug). I see from the manufactuer website this has happended to others. I think this can be overcome by unplugging as mash temp is reached, 2.I used loose pellet hops and they clogged the outlet filter so the pump wouldn't run well to chill and move to fermenter. Will use hop bags in the future. Be aware that if purchased in USA, temp controller will be preset for F, not C as it appears

Why didn't I go all-electric, all-in-one earlier?!

Review by Steve on 8/30/2015

I've made 3 videos on my experiences with the Grainfather. They do a better job explaining my experiences than typing words here. Brew Day Tips: DIY ideas & tips: Mash & Boil Tips:

Good Bang for the Buck

Review by Larry on 9/9/2015

I've got through 6 brews with the Grainfather with grain bills from 10 to 18 lb. using pellet hops up to 6 ounces directly in the wort. Brewing indoors, I haven't experienced some of the problems I've seen others post. Every batch as achieved mash and boil times that were better than advertised by Grainfather. I was worried about 120V system boiling 7 gallons of wort, but it does. It's gotten to a boil in roughly 30 after mash out and maintained a steady boil. The boil is not very vigorous so the boil of rate is only about half gallon an hour. I've only experienced one minor hop blockage and by shutting the pump off a few seconds 3 or 4 times that blockage cleared. The wort chiller does a very effective job here in PA where my tab is almost always under 70 degrees. Overall, the Grainfather does what it was designed to do. I would like to see it available in 120 and 240 versions here in the US. Bang for the buck, the Grainfather is hard to beat.

Buy a Grainfather from Williams Brewing

Review by Scott on 10/27/2015

The Grainfather has definitely fulfilled my hopes and expectations. It is well made, simple, portable, and easy to operate and clean The carefree control provided by the Grainfather (and an electronic HLT) cannot be overstated. A shorter/easier brew day translates to brewing more often and therefore more home brew. I would recommend this system to anyone interested. I would also recommend Williams Brewing to anyone that will listen, because their service is great.

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Apr 09, 2018 by Daengren

Q: Is at just a 1600 w element or is there also a 600 w element as described on other websites?

A: There is a switch that lets you choose between 600 and 1600 watts. So there are two elements.

Jan 14, 2018 by Joe

Q: Since the Grainfather is available in New Zealand in the 220 volt version, would there be a possibility of offering it in the U.S. in a 220 volt version, as well, or does it require 50 Hz AC instead of the 60 Hz AC in the U.S.? Thanks.

A: At present, there are no plans to offer a 220 volt version in the USA.

Nov 02, 2016 by Bill M

Q: What is the size of the wort chiller tubing? In other words, what size hose barb fits the wort chiller tubing?

A: 5/16" Interior Diameter

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