Kegland Ball Lock Tubing Connector

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This connector fits the ball lock quick disconnect fittings on our C74 Pot and C75 Kegland Reflex Stills, and X59 Modular Chiller. It accepts standard 1/2" interior diameter pvc or vinyl water tubing (our item J16) for cooling water. 

If you are not using our J16 tubing, your 1/2" interior diameter tubing should have an outer diameter of 5/8" to fit this.

If you want to make your own still cooling water assemblies, you will need J16 Tubing (sold by the foot), our item Q68 Hose Connector (so you can attach your inbound cooling house to a hose faucet), and item D41 Hose Clamp (needed only on the Q68 Hose Connector).

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