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• Save $30.00 Over Separate Purchase Prices without a Pot and Chiller

Why Brew at Home?


If you are like most home brewers, you have a strong appreciation of fine beer, as well as an intrinsic curiosity into how it is made. Why buy a William’s Home Brewery? The quality of the final beer is only as good as the quality and freshness of the ingredients used, and quality brewing is only possible when basic brewing techniques are learned and followed. In addition, easy to use, well-designed equipment helps to make brewing a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Beer is not like wine. It is best when fresh, then deteriorates after 2 to 4 months. One of the great things about home brewing is knowing how fresh the beer is you are drinking. Unlike craft beer with an unknown production date, when you brew a William’s Kit, you can drink it at its prime every time. You will also save money


Choose your First William’s Brewing Kit


When you order our Home Brewery, pick your first William's Brewing Kit at a savings over separate purchase prices.  Our kits are unique because they include William’s syrup malt extracts, condensed at low temperatures for a full grain flavor, fresh flavoring and aromatic hops, yeast strains specially selected to enhance the flavor of the finished beer, priming sugar, and illustrated brew-by-number instructions. Every kit has been repeatedly test-brewed in the William’s Brewlab to achieve a perfectly balanced blend of malt and hop flavors, and every kit on the selection list has been chosen because it is easy for beginners to brew.


Instruction & Support


All William's Kits include brew-by-number kit instructions.  We also include Home Beermaking, an excellent beginners book. After you read the included book and brew a few batches, you will find that home brewing can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. To help you progress further, purchase of our brewery also gives you access to the William’s Customer Support line (either by phone or email), so you can get your brewing questions answered.


The Best Equipment


Poor quality equipment, whether it be a fermenter lacking a transfer valve designed to keep yeast out, or a cheap hydrometer or thermometer that is inaccurate or hard to read, will spoil your home brewing experience. Our Home Brewery features the best quality equipment available; equipment we have selected because it is the most satisfying to use over the long term.


The optional 32 or 40 quart BrewKettle features a transfer valve to make make fermenter filling easy, and the optional Wort Chiller will chill your hot wort (unfermented beer) down to yeast pitching temperature in less than 30 minutes (it features a garden hose female threaded cooling water connection). If you pick the BrewKettle Wort Chiller option at time of order, you will also save at least $35.00 over separate purchase prices. Pick the 32 Quart if you plan to brew only on your home stove, while the more versatile 40 Quart BrewKettle option is ideal for those who plan to expand into mashing or use a more powerful outdoor burner.


Included is our unique Siphonless Fermenter, which features an invert tube transfer valve that keeps beer and silty yeast sediment out of the valve during fermentation, and then acts like a siphon hose ideally placed just above the sediment when transferring. This eliminates siphoning, which can be messy and unsanitary, and prevents yeast sediment from being transferred to the Priming Tank. The included Priming Tank includes a bottling valve with tube attachment that again eliminates siphoning and makes bottling (or kegging) easy and fast. A 18" plastic stirring spoon is included to help you stir in the carbonating sugar. For the critical measurement which determines when the beer is ready to bottle, our handmade glass hydrometer features 1 degree calibrations for precise, easy to see readings, and includes a sample tube. For testing the temperature of the beer, a stainless steel dial thermometer is provided, which includes a calibration nut. To clean your equipment (vital to prevent sour beer), Brewer's Edge Cleanser is included (enough to make 14 gallons of working solution). To clean your bottles, our bottle brush is included.

Needed but not included:  48 twelve ounce beer bottles or equivalent. Salvage your own (any beer bottles without a twist cap will work), or purchase separately. You can also avoid bottling altogether with the purchase of a William's Home Beverage System.

Brewing the William's Way

1. The first step in brewing is to open your William’s Brewing Kit and remove the liquid yeast pack. Set the pack on a hard surface and break its inner nutrient pouch, by hitting the pouch squarely with the palm of your hand. Although more costly than dry yeast, 175 ml of liquid yeast is used in most William’s Kits to produce a cleaner flavor.

2. When the liquid yeast pack is swollen (usually in 1 to 3 days after breaking the inner seal), boil the malt and fresh hops with at 6 gallons of water for 1 hour to blend and flavor the beer in a 32 quart or larger (optional) BrewKettle.  Unlike some hop extract-flavored canned kits, boiling is necessary to completely sanitize the wort (reducing the chance of spoiled beer) and blend the flavors of the included hops and malt.

3. After boiling, the finished wort (brewers term for unfermented beer) is cooled with a Wort Chiller (optional) and poured off its sediment into the Siphonless Fermenter, where the liquid yeast is mixed in and bubbling fermentation begins in 1 to 3 days. To use the included Wort Chiller, you will need to attach the Wort Chiller inlet hose to a male garden hose connection, and let the Wort Chiller outlet hose drain into a sink or other area. Chilling with a wort chiller generally takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on your tap water temperature. Fermentation usually lasts 16 days before the beer is ready to bottle.

4. After fermentation has ended in about 12 days, the raw beer is transferred into the Priming Tank, where the corn sugar is stirred in to provide food for the yeast to produce carbonation. This is done in the Priming Tank rather than in the Siphonless Fermenter, to avoid stirring up the silty yeast sediment. With a William’s Home Brewery, there is never a need to siphon beer (siphoning can be an unsanitary mess), as the unique Siphonless Fermenter with its invert tube valve keeps the valve body dry during fermentation, which prevents silt-like yeast sediment from forming inside the valve. Then, when the valve is opened, the invert tube valve acts like a siphon hose ideally placed just above the yeast sediment on the fermenter floor when the beer is being transferred.

5. After mixing in the carbonating sugar in the Priming Tank, the beer is bottled or kegged. Five gallons of beer (as produced by all William’s Kits) requires about 48 twelve ounce bottles or equivalent draft system. After bottling, beer is aged two weeks or longer before drinking. Ale-style beers (which include Porter, Stout, and Wheat beer styles) require less aging than lagers, and are highly recommended for the first time brewer.


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by Harmony
on 2/4/2019
from Seattle, WA
Great Beginner Brewing Kit!
I bought the kit with the 32 gallon brew pot (NECESSARY unless you already own one-- stock pots won't cut it!) but without the wort chiller (would have been nice, but a convenience). I had never brewed before and my first batch turned out great! The equipment was well-made, easy to clean, and seems like it will last me a long time. I definitely recommend it!
by Alonzo
on 11/20/2018
from Missouri
Great for beginners and experienced brewers alike
I have brewed beer in the past and wanted to get back into it. This kit comes with everything you need to get started! Easy instructions and I just cracked open my first beer and it tastes great! 
by John akers
on 11/13/2018
from Wilton, ca.
My girlfriend  gifted me your product for my birthday. HOW AWESOME!  i just bottled two days ago.  Very efficent system. Directions  so easy to understand. Very durable and easy to clean. Cant wait to try the finished product.
by William Cunningham
on 7/12/2018
from San Leandro
Williams Home Brewery
Everything you need to get the ball rolling for a first timer such as myself. My wort has been fermenting for about 2 weeks so it’s qlmost time for priming and bottling! Very excited!
by David R. Beth
on 3/25/2018
from Goldfield, NV
Review and Rate this Item
4/9/2017 9:17:23 PM
Do I need item #E99 to go with the brew kettle? I saw the other Q&A but couldn't find the item #R22 you replied with. Any other items you would suggest I purchase along with this kit as a first time brewer? I've only helped experienced brewers before
The R20, or R22 (just put these part numbers in the search box to find them) and a length of 1/2" tubing, item J58 (3 or 4 feet) are good things to have to help you transfer the beer from your kettle easier.  Item E50, a bottle filler, is also a great add on to make bottling easier.  If you are brewing indoors and using a kitchen sink for the wort chiller, item E18 is also needed.
1/12/2017 9:56:24 PM
This kit is sitting in my cart waiting to be purchased, but I need to know what size the tubing is and how many feet it comes with. Also, does the boil kettle come with a hose barb and if it does, what is the size?
It comes with 4 feet of 3/8" siphon tubing. The Kettle does not come with a hose barb, our item R22 (1/2" stainless) is a good choice.
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