California Lager Home Brewing Beer Kit

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Unlike traditional Lager, our California Lager is an unrefrigerated lager beer, as has been brewed on the West Coast since the early 1900's, originally by brewers desiring local lager beer, but lacking refrigerated aging equipment. This warm fermentation of a lager yeast beer gave the new California beer a unique flavor, as the lager yeast, normally subdued by cold temperatures, adds its own flavor compounds to the beer when not refrigerated. These yeast flavors mix with the hearty malt and hop flavors to give our California Lager a robust, almost ale-like character. Alcohol: 4.0%, IBU's 37.

Includes 7 lbs. of our blended malt extract, Northern Brewer and other hops, liquid lager yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons of beer with a starting gravity of at least 1.044. Ease of Brewing: Intermediate

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Average rating 9.2 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Decent Lager - Easy to Brew

Review by Robert on 12/5/2016

My "Go to" beer kit!

Review by Bill on 7/24/2013

I have made this beer countless times over the years. It always turns out flavorful, yet balanced. Probably the most requested by my friends, and often the choice of my Christmas beer kit to distribute to the lucky ones. Lager at ale temps...what a concept!

tasted 68', not carbonated, only 7 in tank

Review by james on 12/24/2012

I brewed this 10 days ago, took a S.P. reading yesterday and it read 1.020, so with no place to empty the vial, I tasted it. Already I can tell this is going to be excellent. I was sent 2206 Bavarian Lager yeast, and with that I moved the batch to a secondary @56'F. after reading the temp range chart from the yeast mfr. I'm going after an Anchor Steam flavor and I think I'm going to get even better. This is the fourth Williams kit my neighbor and I have done together and everything we've done has turned out better than expected. I'm planning on three more batches within the month while the temp in my garage is mid 50's. The Wits will start in the warmer weather. My hope is the fine folks at Williams does a Marzen(Oktoberfest) oder ein Maibock, bitte? How about sooner than later, after all it does have to be brewed in March. Keep up the great work; you have a steady customer in Channahon Illinois.


Review by ALAN on 5/29/2012

Great tasting beer. Be sure to let it sit for 2 months.

Great Beer

Review by Ryan B. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Great tasting lager, aged some warm and some in the fridge, still waiting on the cold ones, looking forward to it.

Cons: Refrigerated aging takes two months, long time to wait

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