Maltzilla Diamond Roller Mill

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The MaltZilla Diamond Mill has an integrated 24v Motor that can work on DC voltages from 12-30V. The higher the voltage the faster the mill will spin.  All you will need is to choose a power supply (not included), whether it be the Alligator Clips with Anderson Plug (item Z25) to attach to a car or drill battery or the KegLand Transformer item X84. 

The MaltZilla is the first mill to use diamonds impregnated into the surface of the twin 70 millimeter diameter rollers. Unlike knurled steel rollers, these diamonds will stay just as sharp as they were on day one, as they are harder than steel. The sharpness of the diamonds draws grain exceptionally well. Most mills require aggressive knurling to push into the grain and “chop” the grain as it passes through a tight gap. This often means your grains are chopped in half. The MaltZilla works on a different principle and gap setting is not as critical; impregnated diamonds to grip the surface of the kernel and the friction of pulling the grain through the gap causes a sheering action. This leaves the entire husk intact reducing the chance of stuck sparge and improving efficiency, while still opening the husk so the entire contents of the kernel are converted from starch to sugar. Click HERE for a picture of malt that has been milled in the Maltzilla. The Maltzilla crushes about 2 pounds of grain per minute.  

Note: The Maltzilla is for milling barley and wheat malt, it does not mill corn or other harder grains.

The 24 volt DC motor features an integrated gearbox. The high torque and sealed construction make it ideal for a brewing environment. The motor is sealed from moisture and grain dust, and integrated into the side body of the mill, and runs with less noise than traditional mill motors. Being DC the motor is safer than higher voltage AC especially in an environment where washing down the area with a hose is likely to happen.The motor is also reversible so the direction of spin can be changed based on the polarity. This is particularly useful for over-mount and under-mount installation.

The Maltzilla has multiple mounting configurations. It can be mounted on top of its mounting board like most mills. You can also mount the mill under your counter where it’s concealed and out of the way except for its hopper hole which you fabricate.  The Maltzilla mounting board (item C86) is included.

Power Supply Not Included: A needed 24 volt DC power supply such as our item X84 or V89 (also used for the Cannular), or accessory cord (our item Z25) to attach to a 12 volt DC car battery or 18-20 volt drill battery, is not included.  You can use either X84 or V89 Cannular power supplies; the Maltzilla does not require the higher amperage of the V89 supply, but will work with it just fine.

Grain Hopper Not Included: This unit does not come with a grain hopper as standard, and you will need to make a hopper from a 3 gallon or 5 gallon plastic waterbottle with its base cut off (see pictures above).

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A better crush

Review by John on 5/18/2021

This unit crushes slower than my three roller mill, but the grain is crushed in a more gentle manner, and the husks are not torn into small bits. I get a better sparge, and I believe efficiency has to be better than before.

Oct 10, 2021 by Perry Savino

Q: Does anyone know what the amp draw is on this grinder?

A: The optional 24 volt transformer, item X84, draws 2.27 amps at 110 volts.

Aug 11, 2021 by Paul Grimes

Q: Is the mill suitable for use with conditioned grain, which has been dampened with water (1-2% by weight)?

A: We have never tested it with dampened grain, because it works so well with dry malt we have never seen a need to do this. KegLand has tested it, and found conditioned grain ran through the mill very well.

Aug 11, 2021 by John

Q: What is the approximate RPM of the rollers with the optional power supply?

A: We have not checked the roller RPM. However Kegland says using a 24 volt output power supply will achieve the best results. The speed would be the same whether it is a 24 volt battery or 24 volt DC converter. When connected to a 24 volt DC power supply it crushed 2 pounds of grain in 1 minute 10 seconds.

May 21, 2021 by Mat

Q: I’d really like to know the best gap sizing for this device. The dials on the side have mm markings but they don’t relate to actual gap sizing. So far, .25 and .50 (left and right) were way to tight and .75 and 1.00 (left and right) was allowing grain to pass through uncrushed. I’m going to try .75 and .75 next.

A: Without reading the tiny marking molded into the adjusters, we find straight down with the notched adjusting knobs is good and is where we start when crushing grain. Depending on the type of malt you have, of course, this may vary.

Apr 02, 2021 by Mitch

Q: What is the output rate? 1 lb/min or 5 lbs/min Thanks

A: When connected to a 24 volt DC power supply it crushed 2 pounds of grain in 1 minute 10 seconds.

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