Grainfather Wortometer

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The Grainfather Wortometer works with the Grainfather Connect and its Counterflow Wort Chiller to monitor cooling. This enables display of the cooled wort temperature exiting the chiller on the Grainfather Connect Box screen. 

Note: If you want to recirculate your cooling wort in the Grainfather, you will also need 4' of 3/8" interior diameter silicone tubing (not included, order 4' of our item J46 at right).

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Works great

Review by Mark on 12/26/2019

Worked a treat- showed current temperature of wort as it was being transferred, so I could adjust cold water flow and get temp to desired level. City water here is pretty cold, so I had to turn flow on cold water down considerably, or wort was too cold. I like it.

Works Great

Review by John on 11/25/2019

This item works. Went from a boil, chill and in the fermenter in about 12 minutes. Like how you get a instant temp reading on the chilled wort. I knew the wort going into the carbon was at yeast pitching temp.


Review by Clem on 8/27/2019

This got wort from boiler to fermenter in great time at the right temperature a great help.


Review by Bill on 7/22/2019

The device provides a reasonable solution to what is otherwise a vexing problem. Without it, you can't get an accurate read on the temperature of your wort until about half of it is transferred. With the wortometer, you get an accurate read almost immediately, so you can adjust your flow to assure the temperature that you want.

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