Brewer's Edge® Bottling Hydrometer

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If you have ever squinted to read the finishing gravity on your standard hydrometer, or wondered if it really had dropped 1/2° since yesterday, our Brewer's Edge Bottling Hydrometer is for you. Features a very slender stem attached to a large, bulbous float for the ultimate in sensitivity.

Hand calibrated, our Bottling Hydrometer is an ideal second hydrometer for those who wish to precisely monitor finishing gravity. Measures from 1.000 to 1.040 specific gravity in 1° calibrations that are twice as large as on our full range hydrometers. 12" long. Imported.

This closeup shows the precise scale of the Brewer's Edge Bottling Hydrometer.
Average rating 7.58823529411765 out of 10 ( based on 34 reviews )

Precise is Right!

Review by Crispy on 12/20/2005

Pros: Over the years I have collected a number of different hydrometers from a variety of sources. While they are all pretty close, I love this unit for getting what I feel is a more precise gravity reading - large increments between the limited range of readings makes this easy to read and with meads and ciders that can go below 1.000, I really appreciate the ability to read down to 1.0098!

Cons: Comes in its own box, and at this price, I will continue to store it there instead of my hydrometer stand, as I have broken several over the years.

Nice precision readings...

Review by Justin F. on 1/22/2007

Pros: Very accurate and easy to use. Works really well in conjunctin with the hydrometer jar you can buy separately, but be careful since they are both glass. As the other guy said above, I keep mine in the plastic vile it came in just to make sure I don't break another one.

Cons: Only real con is it does not have readings on there to calculate alcohol content as my first one did. You can still approximate with gross calculation tables, which is what I will probably do.

A very nice hydrometer

Review by Paul C. on 11/9/2007

Pros: The hydrometer provides super precision down to about 5 decimals if you really work at it. This gives you a sense that you really know your final gravity. It also looks beautiful.

Cons: It is delicate. I have not broken mine, but it does appear to be more delicate than a regular brewers hydrometer. It is also quite a bit longer so you will need a tall hydrometer jar. I wish WB would stock one that covers the 1.040 - 1.100 range as well.

Know when it's done

Review by KingBolete on 3/17/2008

Pros: Easy to read SGs in the final range. Small changes in SG can be easily detected to be sure that the ferment is completely over.

Cons: None

bottling hydrometer

Review by Dorothy R. on 7/11/2008

Pros: very nice and good quality, seems to be accurate as well

Cons: they break too easy in general, very delicate

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