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Tired of inflation and the rising cost of stainless kegs? Welcome to the world of Oxebar Kegging, where a new proprietary Oxebar Mono blend of PET plastic has made PET plastic suitable for long term beer storage and dispensing, at a fraction of the cost of stainless. The Oxebar system is based on 38mm PICO 1881 threading to fit 8 Liter Oxebar kegs.

This starter set includes two 2.1 gallon Oxebar Kegs with two sealing caps and one Oxebar Tapping Head. Each keg is. 6.1" wide, 21" tall. Maximum pressure 58 PSI.  Note that you will need a gas regulator with a gas ball lock outlet as well as a ball lock beer tap to complete this system and dispense beer.

Average rating 7.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Game changer

Review by Henry on 12/3/2022

It's a game changer for kegging. These things are so cheap to buy, super light and durable. Gone are the days of spending on an expensive heavy stainless steel keg. 6 of them fits under the series X kegerator with enough wiggle room to play around with. I can't seem to buy enough of these.

Worked well for my use

Review by John on 10/25/2022

I kegged some beer and added sugar to naturally carbonate, then took this to a weekend getaway. Worked well with my Dual Stage Regulator, and I used a simple cheap keg faucet made from a 6.5mm Duotight Ball lock and a Duotight Picnic tap head.


Review by Sean P. on 10/25/2022

I had low expectations to begin with, but I like to have different packaging options on hand. This happened to be a weekend trip and the keg fit nicely in a cooler with ice, along with the CO2 tank. Part of the problem may have been the awkward ball lock faucet that I was using. Adjusting the faucet constantly to get a decent pour led to the connection unscrewing just enough to let the gas escape overnight. After a few adjustments, the dip tube must have slid off enough to no longer dispense the beer, leaving me with a gallon of beer that I eventually just poured out of the damn thing. Meh, back to the trusty stainless. These are sold cheaper elsewhere, by the way.

Kind of disappointed..

Review by Kevin Hannon on 10/24/2022

They have since changed the documentation to be correct. I purchased 2 starter kits, assuming they were also compatible with other PET soda bottle as was stated at the time. This is not the case as it is a 38mm cap meaning that other "soda bottle" equipment is not compatible. This means the purchase of 2 more dispensing heads at 16.99 each. So, a grand total of ~$114 for four 8 liter kegs, so while there is some savings, it's not that much better than buying used kegs with the exception of possible being a more convenient size though I don't anticipate getting the durability of stainless steel. Other than that, There is distinct plastic smell upon opening these. Even after washing with PBW and allowing to sit open for a day or two, I am worried that this will affect the aroma of the beer I put in them. As an up side I suppose, I can fit 3 of these in one pancho cooler with ice, allowing me to pour 3 beers from one container.

Jan 27, 2023 by Ted

Q: What is total height with Tapping Head attached to bottle?

A: 21" tall with tapping head attached.

Nov 18, 2022 by Brian

Q: What is the height of the keg WITH the ball lock cap? I assume the ball lock cap is slightly taller than the plain cap. I'm guessing just a bit of 21" but every 1/4" counts as I'm trying to lay this on it's side in my regular fridge and dispense from it.

A: I would call it 21 and 1/4 inches.

Nov 18, 2022 by Brian

Q: Given they are plastic, would you expect them to work for kombucha that is much more acidic than beer? Would flavor leach into it at all?

A: No off flavors will develop from contact with the keg material.

Oct 14, 2022 by Kevin

Q: Could I gravity fill the keg through the dispensing ball lock? If so, I could connect to my brewing system to maintain a closed system.

A: You could fill the keg through the dispensing ball lock using a jumper consisting of two beer ball locks and some hose, although you will need pressure on the keg that is doing the filling to get the beer into the Oxebar keg, otherwise, the beer will not move.

Oct 13, 2022 by Kevin

Q: Does the tapping head fit onto the regular bottle lid? If you use a regular lid do you have to remove it to put the tapping head on?

A: The tapping head replaces the regular cap.

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