Heavy Duty Caster Upgrade

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These 4" diameter heavy duty polyurethane casters are perfect for those who regularly wheel their Kegerator around on rougher surfaces, and are rated at 125 pounds per wheel. Perfect for outdoor decks and patios.

Does not fit the Kegland Series X Plus Extra Wide Kegerator. 

Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

One Installation Problem

Review by Eric Blume on 4/6/2020

The Casters installed easy except the front right side caster. There is a permanent stud on the hinge bracket that a plastic pad screws onto for a permanent placement. After I got these upgraded casters installed the front right hand side caster interfered with this stud on the hinge bracket. Use of a hand grinder resolved this issue by removing the stud allowing free movement of tis caster.

They are ok but don't fit like they should

Review by Nick Walsh on 1/30/2018

So I put the large castors on because my kegerator is going into a motorhome and large castors help with rolling and provide air flow. I was pretty disappointed to see that the bolts are so tiny, obviously they will shear and strip out if given a bump. Also seems very odd that the new King Keg design doesn't allow a uniform 4 corner mounting...along with the proper size fasteners. 3 wheels fit into the corners and 1 wheel is offset inside so that's where any tipping will occur. Wheels are good but the mounting sucks.

Jan 04, 2021 by Patrick

Q: How much taller does the unit sit off the ground with these wheels compared to the standard wheels?

A: 3.25" taller

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