Six Valve 1/4" Barb Gas Distributor

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This gas distributor (with a machined aluminum billet body) featurs the home brew standard ¼ inlet and outlet hose barbs, so they will fit ¼ interior diameter gas tubing (unlike most distributors which feature 5/16 barbs for commercial beer gas hose).

Great for distributing gas from a single regulator to 6 kegs. Check valves are included on all 6 outlet valves, to prevent beer from backing up into the distributor. On the aluminum billet body, the end opposite the inlet barb is plugged with a ¼" male NPT plug. This can be removed and another brass valve or part like our Q87, D16, or D69 (at left) installed. 13.5" long.

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Great Manifold

Review by Joe on 9/17/2018

I was so glad to find this manifold, it is much better than the brass ones i had screwed together. I do not expect these to crack for no reason as they were torqued to the correct level at the factory, not by me with no torque specifications.

Great price, not so good engineering

Review by David on 5/12/2017

At $40, this 6 valve manifold is a great deal. When I received it, however, I noticed the machining was poorly done: in particular, none of the 6 valves were set perpendicular to the main body of the manifold--all were tilted a few degrees. While I doubt this will impact the performance of the valves, it makes me wonder...


Review by Lance McNulty on 4/15/2017

Solidly built and easy to install

Aug 07, 2021 by Matt

Q: Can the shutoff valves be removed and replaced with a different kind of 1/4 MPT component?

A: Yes, although they are attached with some thread sealant, and can be difficult to remove.

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