9"By 14" Steeping Bag

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Reusable nylon mesh hop and grain steeping bag, with securing drawstring. This bag has a standard mesh (similar to mosquito netting) and will hold over 1 1/2 pounds of grain. Ideal for steeping grain in an extract batch before the boil. Includes drawstring.
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Good size and mesh

Review by Phillip on 6/16/2015

Perfect for a 2 lb. BIAB mini-mash. Used it for a rye malt that would otherwise be tough to sparge.

Steeping Bag

Review by BRYAN on 6/11/2015

Just what I hoped for. Holds 1lb of grain easily , and the mesh is very fine. Very happy with this purchase.

Great mesh size

Review by Zane on 8/5/2013

I like the mesh size on this bag. I'd say it's finer than mosquito netting. I bought an extra one and cut it up to line my wort strainer. Strains all the hop pellet trub from my 5 gallon batches before clogging up.


Review by javier on 1/21/2012

these are great for brewing and cleanup is fast and easy. I do recommend getting some different sizes though.

mesh it up

Review by John V. on 12/14/2011

i like having a couple smaller mesh bags and then a large bag to put the smaller bags in. Makes clean up fast and easy.

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