William's Vacuum Insulated Beer & Coffee Pint Glass

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• Warms by 1.2° per hour compared with a glass pint which warms by 9.6° F per hour

• Perfect for Beer, Ice Water, Coffee, and More

• Includes a Sealed Lid for Commuters, and fits in a standard cup holder

• Condensation Free

This insulated stainless steel 18 ounce pint style glass features a vacuum between its double walls, to keep beverages cold or hot longer than other double wall pint glasses.

In a 70° room, it only allows 16 ounces of 45° F. beer to lose 1.2° degrees F. per hour, while a similar double wall stainless pint without vacuum insulation loses 5° F. per hour, and a standard glass 16 ounce pint glass loses 9.6° F. in the first hour.

It insulates so well a coaster is not needed when placing this glass full of cold beer onto a wood table.

Use this for hot and cold beverages. For coffee,  use the included press in silicone sealed lid which features a sliding seal so your coffee will not spill in your car when you hit a bump (fits all standard cupholders). 

  6" tall, hand wash or put in the top rack of your dishwasher. 

May 05, 2021 by Bob Bailey

Q: Is it made in China

A: Yes, made in China, imprinted in the USA

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