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Our William's Complete Home Brewery is the best home brewing starter value in America. It includes everything you need to start brewing quality beer at home, including an option to get a real 32 or 40 quart stainless Brewkettle with valve and a Wort Chiller.  Shop around and compare, we do not think you will find another home brewing starter set that matches our quality and value.

New Growler Carbonation Cap  Do you love using a growler but hate the fact that carbonation is lost when you fill it from a keg? This new 32mm ball lock carbonation cap lets you inject C02 into a 64 ounce PET growler to regain the carbonation lost in transfer. Fill the growler, top off with C02, and go. Great for summer.

With the Controller III Heating and Cooling Control. Since we released the original analog Controller in 1990, and the digital Controller II in 1997, we have learned a lot about what you want in a temperature control. Features like no programming or menus to navigate, energy saving duty cycle modes, replaceable sensor probes, and more. The Controller III represents what we have learned, 
and is the ultimate year round temperature control for home brewers and wine makers.

American Sour Beers   We have  received American Sour Beers by Michael Tonsmeire. It describes the wide range of processes and ingredients used in making current sour beers, with an emphasis on practical techniques for home brewers.  This exhaustive work includes 400 pages of information on everything related to the art of sour beer brewing.

With the all new Brewer's Edge Mash Water Heater. This 110 volt electric Mash Water Heater plugs into any GFCI protected plug, and will heat up to 7 gallons of water to the correct 175° F. (strike) or 168° (sparge) water temperature. No fumes, no need for a second burner, no need for a special circuit. For use in fly sparging, where it is assumed you already have a mash tun and boiling pot. 

Gas Check Valve
This gas   check valve screws onto a threaded gas beer or pin lock keg connector, and prevents beer from flowing back up into the gas line.  If you have a problem with beer creeping back into your gas lines, this will solve it.