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Our William's Complete Home Brewery is the best home brewing starter value in America. It includes everything you need to start brewing quality beer at home, including an option to get a real 32 or 40 quart stainless BrewKettle with valve and a Wort Chiller. Shop around and compare, we do not think you will find another home brewing starter set that matches our quality and value.

For a limited time, place a web order with a subtotal of $99.00 or more, and enter web coupon code BEARPAIR for a free set of double wall stainless pint glasses. These  double wall stainless steel glasses insulate better than glass.

Holiday Gift Locator  Click on the present for our annual Holiday Gift Locator, featuring our unique products sorted by price range for quick and easy shopping. From stocking stuffers you just can't find anywhere else to exclusive Electric Mashing Systems, we have everything you need.

New Malt Book  Malt, a Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse, has just been released. Written by John Mallet (brewmaster at Bell's Brewing) this is a very thorough guide to malt from field to glass. Highly recommended for brewers serious about their malt and its source and brewing properties.

Direct from the source in Lodi and Woodbridge, William's California Wine Kits produce rich, outstanding wines. We offer everything from Nebbiolo to Malbec, Pinot to Zinfandel.

With the Controller III Heating and Cooling Control. Since we released the original analog Controller in 1990, and the digital Controller II in 1997, we have learned a lot about what you want in a temperature control. Features like no programming or menus to navigate, energy saving duty cycle modes, replaceable sensor probes, and more. The Controller III represents what we have learned, 
and is the ultimate year round temperature control for home brewers and wine makers.

These glass
es from Germany are made of extremely high quality glass, glass so hard it has been certified as 'extremely dishwasher safe' by an independent laboratory. What this means is they will retain their crystal clear clarity even after repeated dishwashing cycles, and have improved breakage resistance. Available in unique styles to fit different beers.

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Holiday Shipping Guarantee  If you are in Western Zone A on the map, order by Monday, December 22nd at 4pm and we guarantee delivery by December 24th even if you pick $6.99 flat rate shipping. If you are in Eastern Zone B (the red area), pick Fedex 2 Day Air to guarantee delivery by the 24th.

With the Brewer's Edge Mash Water Heater. This 110 volt electric Mash Water Heater plugs into any GFCI protected plug, and will heat up to 7 gallons of water to the correct 175° F. (strike) or 168° (sparge) water temperature. No fumes, no need for a second burner, no need for a special circuit. For use in fly sparging, where it is assumed you already have a mash tun and boiling pot.

Sparge Float Ball Assembly  This attachment for the Brewer's Edge Mash Water Heater makes sparging simple. Just attach it to the Mash Water Heater, and open the valve to meter sparge water on top of your mash. Simpler and easier to use than a Sparge Arm.  Also fits many other mashing systems.

We offer all-stainless Carbonation Caps in 28mm for PET soda bottles, and 32mm for PET growlers. These let you recycle common soda bottles into draft beer storage containers, and eliminate the problem of beer going flat when dispensed from a keg into a PET growler.



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Roast Your Own Coffee & Save
Roast your own gourmet coffee with our home roasters and green coffee beans. Save money and drink fresher coffee – green coffee costs about half as much as roasted coffee, and the coffee you freshly roast is fresher than store bought coffee. We feature mix and match discounts on our line of quality green coffee beans if you buy eight bags or more.
William's California Wine Kits
Our line of California Wine Kits are made from local Lodi, Woodbridge, and Solano County grapes, picked at their peak and then gently concentrated. Click on the picture for more on our line of no-compromise red and white wine kits.