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Since 1979, we have offered our William's Home Brewery, and now have it in three variations. The Basic Home Brewery does not include a boiling pot or wort chiller, and is recommended if you already have a 30 quart or larger boiling pot. The Complete Home Breweries come with your choice of a 32 or 40 quart stainless BrewKettle with valve, and a wort chiller.

Which to Choose? Choose the 32 quart BrewKettle if you plan on brewing on your home stove only, while the larger 40 quart is can be used on home gas stoves or outdoor burners.  The 32 Quart  BrewKettle is all you will ever need if you stick with brewing with malt extract on an indoor stove, while the 40 Quart BrewKettle give you room for expansion in the future, as it is suitable for mashing  (brewing straight from grain). 


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