William's Brewing Affiliate Program

If you have a recognized website that reaches home brewers, home wine makers, or home coffee roasters, you can make money by referring customers to the William's Brewing website. Its easy, just sign up by doing the following:

1. Create a William's Brewing Account or login to your existing account.

2. Click on the Affiliate Tab in the upper right hand corner of your account page:

3. Fill out the information and press Save.

Above is your affiliate conditions, terms, and report page that will appear after you set up an affiliate account. Note the afid= number that appears right below the tabs. This is the link extension you will use to link an order directed from your site to your account. We currently pay 6% of the subtotal, and your link is good for 30 days.

Add this afid to your link and post a product on your recognized* home brewing, wine making, or coffee roasting website. Affiliate applications are subject to review before approval.

*Commissions are not paid if the order is placed by an affiliate, or shipped to an affiliate address. You cannot get a commission by ordering for yourself.

Once someone clicks on your link that includes the afid number, and orders from our site, a sale will appear with your commission amount. In the interest of fairness to all publishers, we have an extremely low $1.00 minimum requried to cut a check - commissions are mailed on the first of every month even if you only have $1.00 in commissions! Commissions are not rolled over every month, and if you fail to reach the $1.00 in commission per month, your commission will not be paid or carried over.

Any questions on this please email service@williamsbrewing.com, or call us at 800-759-6025 between 8-5 weekdays Pacific Time, or Saturdays 8 - 2 Pacific Time.