Jun 10, 2019 by codebrewer

Q: Does anyone know if this would fit in a 10 gallon corny keg?

A: It should, we do not have a 10 gallon here to test with, but if the gas dip tube is a 1/4" diameter stainless tube, it should fit. You may have to buy more feet of tubing to reach the bottom of the keg.

May 15, 2019 by BB

Q: Will the ball fit through the neck opening of a Sanke keg?

A: If the neck opening is 2" it will fit.

May 12, 2019 by James Meehan

Q: Can you lay corny kegs on their sides and still draw beer with this? I’m looking for something so I can lay the kegs horizontally in a cooler and dispense at the same time. Thanks

A: In theory yes, although your safety relief valve in the keg lid will be submerged in beer, and this could be a safety issue if the keg ever becomes extremely overcarbonated.

Apr 23, 2019 by Thirsty

Q: Does adding this impact the typical calculations for balancing your keg setup? If so, what is the calculation? Thanks!

A: Not that we are aware of.

Jan 13, 2019 by T

Q: Can this be used in a closed transfer from fermenter to keg? Or is it advised to first transfer to keg through standard diptube and THEN install this?

A: If you mean if you can fill a keg with this attached to one keg from another keg or from a fermenter, this should be possible.

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