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Review by Terry Robertson on 3/2/2018

Works well, Rebuilt the kegerator and this came in damn handy!

Does NOT work on tailpiece nuts as shown

Review by Jeff on 3/1/2017

I purchased this tool to go with the entire fleet of Intertap equipment I bought - their faucets (non-flow-control), springs, 4" shanks with tailpieces included, tips, etc. I was very surprised to learn that the smaller wrench opening on this tool did NOT properly fit the nuts that hold the tailpiece to the back of the shank (as shown in the second picture of this product listing). It barely grips the nut if lined up just right, but will easily pop off. The metal is also crudely cut and has a lot of rough edges that will hurt your hand if applying much force - trying to tighten down the nuts on the backside (inside) of my Keezer was painful enough to warrant me switching over to my automotive tools. In short, it might be good for small-time maintenance work, but if you're building or tearing down a multi-line unit, you'll hate this thing.