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Excellent Regulator

Review by Derrick on 9/8/2015

Came in just as advertised with excellent instructions. Really easy to use. You can select the amount of oxygen to add over time, perfect for lagers.

Great Customer Service

Review by Ben on 1/9/2015

The regulator worked great but broke after 6-8 uses. When I emailed about the problem, a new one was shipped with no hassle. Bill Moore corrected the problem and impressed me with his customer service.

No Washers!

Review by James on 7/14/2014

Folks, I keep seeing reference to needing a washer. CGA-540 (these threads) does not use, need or benefit from a washer. The regulator seals on the rounded face against the valve on the O2 tank. CGA-870 which is what you find on aluminum medical tanks do need a washer and it's a disposable type that needs replacing every time. Do not try to use a washer, do not bring any hydrocarbons etc near the fittings. Always purge the valve before installing the regulator to ensure no foreign material is resting inside of the valve on the tank.

I like it

Review by Alex on 7/6/2014

So far so good. You don't need a washer, use Teflon tape on the threads and tighten with a wrench. No leaks at all. The plastic tube that you use for the wand will fit on this. Make sure you get the tube with 3/16 ID, it seems like it won't fit on the regulator but use some might. Also if you get an O2 tank from Harbor Frieght this won't fit on it. But, when you exchange it at the welding supply store the new valves will fit. Bring the regulator to test it on the new bottle to make sure!

Needs washer

Review by Thomas on 5/22/2014

Yes like another reviewer said, darned thing needs a washer. This should come in the package as without the washer, the customer needs do drive to stores looking for one which adds to the cost after they spend time and gas.