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A great substitute for my IPA-deprived friends

Review by Dick Smith on 8/7/2018

I was looking for a second beer to serve my friends during a summer get together. Many do not enjoy the IPAs (although many do) and many love the Williams Apricot Ale which I make. I tried the Summer Ale and believe we have another successful summer beer. It was easy to brew. The carbonation was still weak after one week in the bottle, but was clearly improving with each sample I took. At about two and a half weeks it was clearly ready to serve. I expect it will continue to improve in the next week or so. In this way it is just like the Williams Double IPA; it needs two to three weeks in the bottle to achieve the taste I am looking for. Enjoy!

Excellent and easy

Review by Brian T on 7/4/2018

I've been brewing with Williams for about 20 years now. The kits are always complete, easy and tasty. I'll be back again soon.

First Rate For Second Batch

Review by robert on 6/29/2015

Honestly, wasn't sure about this one from last year's bad review and "light" in the description. But it was on sale... My first batch was William's Belgian Double, and this one is very similar. Like the description, it was lighter both in color and in alcohol. This one foams much easier and more generously than the Belgian. The taste difference was subtle and sweeter. Something about having 5 gallons of something in the house home-made and screaming "try me, drink me..." every time i walked by-- so popping the top happened well before the suggested drink date. It's late June, and the suggested "best by" date is mid-July... it's too good to wait. The literature says that ales are more forgiving for the home-brewer: that appears to be true. Instructions for "Summer Ale" say bottle and store at 70°F for 9 days, then 55-65° for two weeks. It's summer in Dixie with limited a/c, and the bottles were in the 70's and 80's for most of the aging cycle. The brew turned out delightful!

Odd finishing taste

Review by Richard on 9/10/2014

I have been brewing for over 15 years and this is the first time I was disappointed in a kit from Williams. The aftertaste was horrible. I poured the entire 5 gallons down the drain.

Dry hopped with peppercorns

Review by Bruce on 6/21/2014

We like the summer ale very much, this year we dry hopped with peppercorns hoping to make it similar to our favorite Michigan microbrew summer beer, Short's Nicie Spicie. We are very pleased with the result. There's a very subtle peppery finish to add to what is already a great summer beer.