Wine Yeast and Cultures

An essential part to crafting your own wines is choosing the wine yeast for proper fermentation. After all, without yeast, you will only be producing grape juice! We have a wide selection of wine yeast to choose from depending on the kind of wine you are looking to make.

Lalvin 71B01122 Wine Yeast

The 71B Lavin strain is a rapid starter with a constant and complete fermentation between 59° and 86°F. In addition to producing rounder, smoother, more aromatic wines that tend to mature quickly, it does not extract a great deal of phenols from the must, so the maturation time is further decreased. TLDR: you get a delicious wine in less time!

Lalvin Champagne Yeast

If you are looking to make your own bubbly, look no further than Lavlin EC 1118 Champagne Yeast. This wine yeast is sturdy, and while it is ideally suited for fermenting champagne, it can be used for all types of wines, including sparkling and late harvest wines and cider. It may also be used to restart stuck fermentations.

Redstar Premier Cuvee

Winemakers have remarked that Premier Cuvée is the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral fermenter offered by Red Star®. This wine yeast is recommended for anything from whites to reds and especially champagne.

The right wine yeast can reduce maturation time while still producing delicious wine. Check out our complete selection of wine yeast to find the yeast best suited to your needs.