Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster

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Why roast your own gourmet coffee at home? For freshness, the fascination of the process, and to save money. Roasted coffee starts to lose its volatile aromatic oils 3 days after roasting. Even when packed in barrier packaging, fresh roasted coffee is a perishable product, and you never know how old roast coffee is when you buy it in a store. Besides freshness, roasting your own specialty coffee saves money. Quality green beans sell for about half the price of already roasted specialty coffee. Home roasting is easy, fun, and involving. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.

The Fresh Roast SR800 is an 8 ounce version of the Fresh Roast SR540, so you can roast enough coffee for 40 cups in one batch with wet processed beans. With dry processed beans, which produce more chaff, it can roast 6 ounces per run.  The roast time can be extended by pressing the up buttons, shortened by pressing the down buttons, and ended by pressing the cool button, which starts a 4 minute cooling cycle. In addition, a fan speed control knob and 9 heat level adjustments are also available, valuable tools for the advanced roaster who wants to tailor their roast to perfection.  It is 15" tall, and 8" wide.

Voltage: You must have 15 amps available at the plug where you plug in your Fresh roast SR800 for it to do a good job. It burns 1600 watts when running, and if you have an older house with only a 15 am circuit, you need to make sure nothing else is on the circuit when the Fresh Roast is running. If you plug it into a 15 amp circuit that also has other appliances drawing from it, you coffee will not roast. Of course, this is less of a problem in newer houses with 20amp circuits, as even if a small appliance is plugged in and running, you still will probably have 15 amps to draw from and run the roaster. You will know if you do not have 15 amps available if the roaster runs but does not get the beans very dark. Try switching to another outlet (on another circuit) to test this.

This machine is simple and works well. A two year manufacturers warranty is included.

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Average rating 9.4 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )


Review by Randy Gailit on 2/7/2022

I don't know why I waited so long to buy this roaster. It is a fantastic product! Roasting fresh coffee in the house is an aroma experience each time. An 8oz batch holds me over for about 4 days. Always looking forward to the next roasting session. I did purchase the Extension Tube which makes the roaster even more efficient. I doubt you can find a better roaster for the price. Coffee is my other beer!

SR800 Review

Review by KenO on 12/17/2020

I've roasted at least a dozen batches by now. As one buyer pointed out, the roasting chamber and chaff catcher do not fit snugly, but the do have a 'catch' to get them lined up. Now the roaster works perfectly well; it takes a bit more personal input to get the beans where I want in terms of darkness (I like to roast them pretty dark). It took a couple of roasts to get it down but I did not find it difficult to use following only the directions provided. All in all, I think it is a good roaster and I hope it has a long life span.

a great little roaster

Review by Will Maloney on 8/30/2020

The SR800 is easy to use. The roasting variables allow for a variety of outcomes. One must be there making changes throughout the 10 minute process. It is fast, and doesn't burn easily. I appreciate also that Williams Brewing is the low cost provider.

Second FreshRoast Roaster

Review by James on 6/5/2020

I had a 500 for several years and really liked it. The problem was that I wanted/needed a bigger roaster. So after a lot of comparison shopping I ended up just moving up to a new SR800. This roaster was not only larger but a significant upgrade with its more variables in temperature and fan speed and the ease of adjustment during the roast. This has stepped my roasting game up considerably.

Roaster Supreme

Review by Brian on 5/16/2020

As a beginning coffee roaster, the 800 has allowed me learn how to roast excellent coffee from the first roast .

Dec 28, 2021 by Randy Gailit

Q: Can you roast French Roast in the SR800? I read the unit for $479 does not do French Roast.

A: If by French roast you mean a dark roast the answer is yes. The SR800 is fully adjustable for time, heat and fan speed. I have one and that is the way I like mine roasted.

Dec 26, 2020 by Jeremy Dering

Q: Do you sell replacement parts for the SR800? I broke the glass cylinder on mine.

A: Parts are sold by the manufactuer:

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