Behmor 2000 AB Plus Drum Roaster

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The Behmor 2000 AB Plus Roaster can roast 1/4 to 1 pound of green coffee at a time, making it the largest capacity home coffee roaster available. The Behmor features patented catalytic converter technology smoke reducer, although if you roast 1 pound of coffee at a time, smoke will be produced, so put this in a well vented area when using. 

Features 8 customer pre-programmed time controls, and 5 custom pre-programmed heat/roast profile controls, so you can vary the amount of heat the roaster produces during the 15 to 20 minute roast as well as the time. Automatic system diagnostic and troubleshooting is programmed into the unit as well.

This machine is ideal if you want to roast a lot of coffee at once, and do not like to roast to extremely dark French Roast levels, as the Behmor has fire safeguards which strongly discourage really dark roasts. A scale is needed when using the Behmor to accurately weigh out the 1/4, 1/2, or 1 pound of green coffee needed to correspond to the Behmor's preset coffee weight roast profiles (the proper roast is dependent on the exact weight of coffee in the drum). The Behmor is quiet (like an electric rotisserie) and it is easy to hear the coffee crack as it roasts. It gets hot when roasting, and the steel top and sides become too hot to the touch.

18" long, 11" high, 13" deep. Uses 1630 watts when running. One year manufacturers warranty included. Click HERE for a manufacturers data sheet.

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Average rating 8.875 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Before you buy...

Review by Rick on 9/22/2021

I started roasting coffee with a modified popcorn are popper. After going through a few of those, I bought the Fresh Roast SR800 with extension tube. Then I upgraded from a Fresh Roast 800 because I wanted to be able to roast more coffee at one time with consistent results. For the price, it would be good if this roaster had an app to interface for programs. The programs are not very useful because they need to assume things about the coffee and the amount and that is simply not enough to make them useful. The roast is very even throughout the batch because of the drum, but it is a messy machine in that the the tray doesn't really capture more than 1/3 to 1/2 of the hulls. The door gasket on my unit does emit smoke. If I press it in, it stops. I have roasted about 10 pounds of coffee so far and am satisfied with the results. I still think the unit is overpriced for what it is really capable of, but cheaper than the other options out there. Would recommend.

2000 an improvement over the 1600

Review by P Mitchell on 1/3/2021

Had a 1600 for many years. This adds drum power/speed and finally the audible warning beep before an auto shut off. Only complaint is that the drum and chaff tray have been measurably lightened (by 100g for the tray)... so the drum door does close as well and the chaff tray louvre/flange deforms. Not a huge deal though. Still 4 stars,

Good roaster... needs a few refinements

Review by Keith on 4/29/2020

Purchased this roaster in April 2020, and have had no problems with it in the first month of operation. A few areas for improvement: The safety feature that makes the user stare at the countdown clock and press the "start" button in the final minutes of the roast... Adding an audible "beep" when the button-press is required would really be an improvement. Also, the instructions of which pre-sets go with which types of coffee could be a little clearer. I found that if I wanted to roast anything more than a half pound, I need to do it outside, due to our very sensitive smoke detectors in our home being set off by the machine. Does fine at reducing smoke at the quarter and half pound roasts. Rosetta Stone button is a great feature for helping newbies like me get a good roast without going too far into second crack. First few roasts I mistook the machine's popping sounds (metal expansion) for first crack. Black and white instructions refer to colors in photos, which is frustrating.

"Nanny Controls" work as intended, Vincent.

Review by Daryl on 11/4/2019

Learn something about the Behmor, for cryin' out loud. Its (not it's) safety features are there to keep folks from BURNING DOWN THEIR HOUSE. As the manual repeatedly states, fire is a real hazard for the unattended roaster. It's (note correct usage) their way of limiting liability from morons who don't take the time to attend to their coffee. If you're not willing to take the time, maybe you should be drinking Folgers.

Perfect for a newbie

Review by Ben Goren on 9/14/2019

I’m new to roasting. I can already tell that an experienced artisan roaster is going to feel restricted— mostly by the limited power settings (100% / 75% / 50% / 25%) in manual mode, but also by the lack of a bean temperature probe. Still, A few of the batches I’ve roasted in the first five pounds have been pretty good, so I know the machine is capable of producing good roasts. I would also recommend Scott Rao’s book on roasting if you’re new. It helped me immensely. I haven’t opened the bags of beans Williams included. By the labels, it’s a good selection— but very heavy on the Americas. It might be nice to balance that with some fruity African beans. Highly recommended!

Jan 03, 2018 by Bitter Donald

Q: Could this be used to roast home malted grains?

A: It could, but there would be a risk of the grain catching on fire, so we do not recommend this.

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