2000 ml Yeast Starter Kit

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We highly recommend making a yeast starter when using a Wyeast Activator or Propogator pack, even though a freshly swollen Activator will start 5 gallons of wort on its own. A starter will supply more yeast than an Activator pack can provide, assuring the fast start of fermentation, which minimizes the risk of bacterial infection and subsequent sour beer. Making a yeast starter can also revive an old Wyeast pack that has not swollen enough to use. This 2000ml kit is ideal for making starters for 10 gallon batches.

This kit includes a 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask, Foam Stopper, Anti-Foam, Safety Mit, and 1 pound of Dry Malt Extract as nutrient (enough for 6 800ml starters). Our Yeast Starter Kit is unique in that it includes food grade Anti-Foam and a bacteria filtering foam stopper, so you can boil the nutrient in the Erlenmeyer Flask on a stove without the nutrient foaming over, reducing the chance of infection. Because Anti-Foam is included, starters can be made to 800ml to 1200ml volumes in the included 2000ml flask.

A gas stove is recommended for the Erlenmeyer flask, as electric burners can cause the glass to crack.

Order a stir plate (see link when you put this in your cart)to increase yeast growth and activity.

Click here to download the directions for our Yeast Starter Kit.

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Yeast Starter

Review by Chris on 9/13/2014

I purchased the 2000ml yeast starter kit for my 5 gal. operation. From time to time I like to introduce new methods to improve the final product. The yeast starter is the latest. I highly recommend using a yeast starter and this is a good kit. On my latest batch, when I opened my WL yeast half the contents sprayed out of the vial. Apparently, the yeast had activated despite the warranty kit. I put the remaining yeast in the starter and pitched it after 12 hours. This batch of beer fermented steadily for an entire week. Usually, the visible fermentation ends after 3 days. Later I took the slurry from the bottom of a bottle of my favorite commercial Belgian and put it in the yeast starter. Two days later I had a batch of yeast sufficient for a 5 Gal. run. This is a good kit and using a yeast starter is now a must.

A great investment for your brews.

Review by Markiz on 7/16/2014

I'm giving this product an excellent rating because it is exactly that,,,Excellent. I purchased it to up my game and make better beer. I had previously been making my yeast starters with the shake it when I saw it method in a Ball/Mason Jar. Those starters were a good start but to have the ability to use one vessel to make my starters in as opposed to getting out a small sauce pan to boil my starter in, then cool it down and transfer it to my sanitized Mason jar made my starter prep that much easier. By boiling in the flask I can sanitize and cool in one vessel and eliminate the pan clean up and the need to mix up a small amount of sanitizer. I added the Stir Starter stir plate to my order and could not be happier with the results. A worthwile investment if your serious about making better beer. Shorter lag times and larger cell counts if used with the Stir Starter stir plate. I have no regrets with my purchase and would Highly recommend it to anybody looking to improve their brews.

Oct 07, 2021 by Brian A

Q: Is this a Pyrex brand or equivalent borosilicate glass flask?

A: It is borosilicate glass, but made in China and not Pyrex

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