1000 ml Yeast Bottle

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If you make yeast starters, our heat-resistant glass Erlenmeyer flasks are perfect for preparing the starter solution and growing the yeast. Put the bottle directly on your stove to boil and then cool (with the bottle sealed with a foam stopper) before adding yeast to minimize the chance of infection. Withstands temperatures of over 700 F. This 1000 ML bottle fits a Q38 Foam Stopper, which acts as both a stopper and an airlock.

A gas stove is recommended, as electric burners can cause the glass to crack.

NOTE: These are general laboratory studen grade made in China, and may have small bubbles in the glass or other imperfections that will not affect use.

Average rating 8.4 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

High quality erlenmeyer flask

Review by Leo on 3/30/2014

This is a high quality Erlenmeyer flask just like the ones I used when I did lab work at a pharmaceutical company a lifetime ago. DON'T HEAT IT ON THE STOVE. It will boil over. Use a magnetic stirrer/hot plate or heat the wort and add it to the flask and use it for mixing with a magnetic stirrer and bar.

Great Beaker

Review by Johnathon on 1/28/2014

Just used for the first time with my first ever yeast starter. Didn't boil on the stove just poured in cooled wort and yeast. Always doing starters from now on and using the Wyeast nutrients, great fermentation. Beaker seems well made and should last a long time with proper treatment. Foam starter was also super user friendly and easy.

The Easiest Way to Prepare a Yeast Starter

Review by Jeffrey on 2/6/2010

Pros: Another great product, the ease with which to prepare a starter is unmatched by any other method. I love the ability to cook up the wort on the stove and then transfer it directly to a cold water bath without the risk of breakage, then pitch the yeast directly into the flask minimizing the risk of contamination. I have had consistant results with all my flask prepared starters and have reduced my lag time by 75% in most cases when used in conjunction with the Stir Starter. It's also very easy to clean with hot water and a smidgeon of automatic dishwashing soap!

Cons: I haven't found any yet.

Cracked dreams

Review by Joe M. on 1/11/2009

Pros: Perfect size for 1-2 batches of yeast.

Cons: Cracked on the initial use when boiling on the stove top...

Great Culture Bottle

Review by Kirinjin on 8/11/2008

Pros: What can you say about the flasks we learned to love in chemistry class? For yeast culturing, even preparing a starter from a fresh yeast pack, these are ideal. I love being able to boil the solution on the (gas) stove right in the bottle, then cool and pitch.

Cons: Prolonged exposure to chlorine sanitizer turns the painted label brown. It's most noticeable on the little rectangular panel. I'm also not crazy about those foam stoppers. I prefer rubber with a traditional air lock (see review of foam stoppers).

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